30 years of stellar photojournalism
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Contact Press Images - 30 Years of Excellence - Digital Journalist highlights three decades of photojournalism from this premier independent agency dedicated to producing "in-depth photographic essays of pressing global concern." [more]
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More from Contact Press Images:
Portraits of Violence - The Gangs of Port Moresby and Suicide Bombers in Gaza
Digital dossiers - photo essays on various themes
Roster of photographers - with bios and portfolios
Carron - Rebbot - tribute to two members killed in the line of duty
posted by madamjujujive at 7:19 AM on February 10, 2007

Those pictures are hilarious! The captions make them even better. Been through every one and can't stop laughing. Sending the link to a friend who's a little depressed right now. He likes cats so these should cheer him up.
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Um ...
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wonderful post. thank you.
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Brilliant as always, juju. Thanks for posting. And hal9k's wrong-thread/non-sequitur is the most ironic I've ever seen.
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Yes, some amazing stuff here that I hadn't seen...thanks for posting this.
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Heavy images!

The journalists who have the stamina, ingenuity and dedication to shoot images like that create such a profound impact on the world. There are a handful of shots, like the ones you linked in Contact Press, that were life changing for me. The napalmed children one; the MyLai ones; fireman at work; standing up to the tanks in Tiananmen.

Thanks for your post mjjj.
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I looked at all 93 of them and they are all extremely interesting. thanks! I am going to have to peruse the rest of that site too.
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