Meet the Raven
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Meet the Raven. Robert "Raven" Kraft has run barefoot in the sand at least three miles a day everyday since 1/1/75. He may seem a little obsessive, but he's only number 10 on the list. 1-9 are far more obsessive.
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Now that's what I call alternative lifestyle.
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Also a little about Mark Covert, current running streak record holder.
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"At age 51, Kraft has never had a driver's license, never flown in an airplane, and never held a full-time job. He rarely leaves Miami Beach, and when he does he can grow shaky with anxiety. He has not ventured further away from home than Fort Lauderdale for more than three decades."

Fascinating story.
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what a great story!
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That's awesome. I'd run with him.
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Interesting story. I wonder how many of these guys lead 'normal' lives, in that they're able to hold down, keep a driver's license, etc. Cool stuff. Thanks.
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How do they prove they've run every day? What's to stop someone from saying "Hey, I've run every day since 1960, I'm the world record holder"?
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As long as there are no spears or molecular knives, he's cool with me.
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Every day since 1984, I've not run three miles. What do I get?
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Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
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The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei
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He's in good company, this Raven. Miami Beach is a rich resource of varied obsessives, public and private, sane and something otherwise. I remember laying out on the beach south of 5th one sultry, perfect, utterly typical afternoon, and seeing a pressuresuit-clad man — including full spherical helmet and tanks and big stompy boots — waving his metal detector over a giggle of topless teen Euro-waifs.

"Hey," I said to my wife. "Look, Spacesuit Man is back. Hadn't seen him in a long while."

With barely a delicate and glistening shrug, she murmured 'Hmmm? That's because Spacesuit Man's range is typically between 8th and 22nd, and usually in the morning."

A sensible answer, and we so both succumbed back into a kind of sun-stunned sessility.
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How do they prove they've run every day? What's to stop someone from saying "Hey, I've run every day since 1960, I'm the world record holder"?

Cynic! Not a thing, of course, but when the prize is only "iconic status among the locals" and some space in the News of the Weird columns, it's in no one's interest to destroy the legend.
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Running every day for 35 years? Nice if your knees can handle it (I know mine couldn't). How about surfing every day for 28+ years, as Dale webster has done? (Of course, I couldn't do this either, but it's still damned cool.)
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He doesn't seem particularly barefoot, but other than that, great post.
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I do something obsessively every day....
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languagehat writes "How do they prove they've run every day? What's to stop someone from saying 'Hey, I've run every day since 1960, I'm the world record holder'?"

They don't. There's a fair amount of discussion about how to think about streak-running among the distance running community. There are undoubtedly people who do it, who run every day, even when they've just had surgery or their wife has died. But the practice raises all kinds of questions (what counts as a run? How far, how fast? Is running from 11:45pm-12:15 am running on two days? Who keeps track? What does an unverified streak mean?) about what kind of credence to lend to streak runners like this. There are plenty of people who lie about their accomplishments in running (some even make careers out of it, like Dean Karnazes), especially by elevating their training runs to the same level as certified competition. It's a bit like someone describing themselves as the author of 12 novels, when they've never been published. Sure, they may have written the novels, but in a world where the term "novelist" has an understood meaning that's publically verifiable, it's a bit smelly to call yourself one if you haven't been published.

But, I have no reason to doubt any of these folks, and I salute their crazy obsession.
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1990, I'd rather fight than run anyday. I think that was the aspect of the U.S. Army that I disliked the most. All that fucking running. In the snow, uphill, with boots on. For the birds I tell ya.

2007, Now I walk w/ my wife 3 days a week and run 2 miles twice a week. At age 40, i guess we have to do something to stop/slow the heart disease.

I still hate it though.
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