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ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US OK, I'm obviously the dorky kid coming late to the party -- can someone explain this to me? [via memepool]
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It's like "Wasssssuppppp", only more l33t.
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From what I was told, it's a sort of obsessive/compulsive cult surrounding the poorly translated text from a japanese video game.
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The quote is from an old, mistranslated game called Zero Wing. The quote has been around off and on for a few years now, but it's only been recently that the thing spread like wildfire. If you want, an animated gif of that segment of the game is here.
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Oh, and if you happen to really like oddly translated games, there's a rather large archive of them you can poke through. There's actually some pretty funny stuff in there.
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That's all well and good, but there's more than that here. In a lot of multiplayer games there's an element of trash talk, which "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" sounds like. The wording-is-everywhere thing, which is oddly reminiscent of John Carpenter's They Live, probably comes from the graffiti function in several online 3D games where you can spray a custom gif onto a wall, the ground, etc. And there's more than one reference to llamas, which is game-jargon for lame players.

So all of that combined with a private joke and some (probably) over-tired, punch-drunk players posting on a message board with Paint Shop Pro close at hand ...
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Watch the flash movie (linked above). The whole thing is set to a techno beat, and....well, I can't really explain it. Trust me, watch the movie.
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Dood, if you don’t know, then


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This just goes to show, things don't have to make sense to be funny.
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Boy, I hope that guy doesn't have a bandwidth restriction on his site. I've seen that link everywhere and he's only had that file in that location for 2 days.

That's pretty nifty though. I'm not too 1337 with image programs, even for text replacement, so I appreciate it when other people are.

Thanks for the link to Zany Quotes, they moved a few times and I lost their location.
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Lots more Photoshop fun here. See also this. I think this one is my favorite.
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I've seen this thing about 7 different times today...even on sites I don't go to that often. It's amazing how fast it's getting around....seems even speedier than normal for this type of thing.
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Oh, there's also a smidgen or two of JeffK.

This is all an example of hacker-style ha ha only serious, of which a distinguishing characteristic is that only the in people will find it funny -- it's a shibboleth.

Don't get my academic ass wrong though: I'm seriously ROFL ...
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I think it's a tipping point thing. This meme has been proliferating in some circles for at least three months now.
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How spoony.
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I want this as a bumper sticker:
Somebody set up us the bomb
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Crummy translations are fun. Check Japanese Engrish for tons of things like "Fujinami's straw will produce you young party happily and exceedingly."
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They're missing the super-1337 one. If I can find the link, I'll post it. It has funny voices dubbed over the movie, and simply shows the whole Zero Wing movie. I actually thought it was a lot funnier than the new flash movie that incorporates all these images.
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Ahhh, man, so disapointing. I found the link to the original movie, but it's not up any longer. I have it on my computer.... Debating whether I should upload it. But man, it's really too fucking funny. Well, in any case, the less funny version is here. Seriously, this movie is like sooo much more 1337 than those pictures ;)

If for whatever reason the original begins to work, you can see it here (this is where it all started, btw).
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Okay, sorry for the triple post, but I just found this:

Not partcularly noteworthy except for the URL (although the flash movie is so bad, that it's pretty funny -- actually pretty much the whole site is so bad that it's funny).
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ookamaka, you're not talking about this version, are you? [note: 1.1M .mov file]
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Wonderful, I love obsessive maniacs, I had nostalgia. (Ah, the old Capcom games !) By the way, the new Dafgt Punk fix (one more time) has been directing by Tomoharu Katsumata, who created Albator. I'll post the link in the day.
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Wow, before I came to the comments section, I thought this was a chat transcript from a Tribes game that some clan was having fun with.
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From the same directory: base.jpg Hilarious.
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Move 'zig' for great justice!
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I went to check my unparallelled MAME collection, and sure enough, I have the game -- but it doesn't have that movie? WTF?

BTW, it's pretty cool, in that Metroid sort of way.
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For the record, Zero Wing is a freakin' hard game, if you haven't got m4d sh00t3r skillz. (I don't, I'm a wussy RPG kid.) The screen literally fills with enemies after about thirty seconds. So much for great justice.
norm: the intro is from the Sega Genesis port of the game, or so I heard.
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Here's the page on toaplan's website (the company that created the game) - it was developed for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive - they explain it as bad localization by the team at Sega. Buy a t-shirt. Or go here to see where a lot of the images came from. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!
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Wow. That was really amusing :) Nothing would make me happier than to quit my life and become a crazed monk, churning out doctored 'all your base are belong to us' pictures.

"sonofsamiam, come home! Your wife and children need you so!"

"What you say? Take off every 'ZIG'!!"
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Uhm. To show how far out of touch it is possible to be:
What is this "1337" everybody keeps referring to?
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1) No, I don't "get it."
2) What the hell is wrong with you people?
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russh, "1337" = "leet" which is, um, short for "elite"
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Did anybody mirror the flash file? It looks like it's down.
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Here's a better place to see it.
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Stile's mirroring it here.

Porn banner advertisements, and stileproject's mildly notorious for the content, so be aware if you're surfing at work, but he's got a huge pipe, so it serves up nice and quick.

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Side note: it's a damn catchy tune. I want it in mp3.
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get the mp3 here
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Are we sure Mahir didn't do this???
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What is this "1337" everybody keeps referring to?

Here's a definition of elite from the Jargon file.
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j00 n07 m4d hax0r!!!! j00 n07 31337!!!! j00 g07z n0 m4d 5ki11z!!!!
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Haveed: Beauty! Thanks!
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Couldn't resist combining another recent Memepool link with this meme to get this.
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I understand the urge, kindall. A brief fit of boredom brought forth both this and its sister piece, this.
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Then, there was the inevitable Blogger tie-in.
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$uG01! $+008y 1z d0wn w1+h 411 1337n3$$!

When I'm in Japan, I ONLY buy things with bad English copy if there is a choice...Hell, I can't blame the game makers, I do the same thing myself, only I normally do it in a setting where it's really not appropriate, and I've been studying kanji for 4 or 5 hours...

Girl: You're cute, what's your name?

Stuby: Making the sex, do you wish to follow home the love stallion Stuby for rutting and wailing?

*sound of gunfire*
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and then there is life in hong kong.

these movie subtitles are always funny.
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Seems someone at SFGate caught on.
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Now that the meme has hit the mainstream media, it can be officially declared dead.
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Wait, one more thing before it's declared dead. Another parody of ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US is here.
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Salon caught on too.
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"Oh, yeah, that Mac Cube is so one-three-three-seven." is a spoken, not written, quote that mini-wetlog linked a while back. It's the third post down.
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and thus, the last post on the thread.
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Yeah, try again.
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