There's nothin' Nietzsche couldn't teach ya...
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The Philosophy Podcast seems to be a podcast where great philosophical works are read aloud. Unfortunately you need to pay for the full works, but the bits are fun. For something a little more contemporary, check out Philosophy Talk, hosted by Ken Taylor and one of the funniest contemporary analytic philosophers: John Perry. In particular, check out Perry's light essays in which the power of procrastination can be harnessed (and apparently now put on t-shirts), an ideal desk is a giant lazy susan, and connections are drawn between golf and suffering.
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I know Perry's structured procrastination has been discussed before. I can't believe the rest hasn't either, but a cursory search didn't reveal anything. My apologies if my searching skills are too rusty.
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I dig the philosophy podcast. There's nothing better than a good dose of Schopenhauer on the bike ride into campus for me. It starts the day off with you thinking. If you're not into philosophy, you should give this a shot. The person who reads the works can deliver it in a rather compelling way.
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Cool. Thanks for the post. I have found, for myself, that one is better off to read philosophical texts. I may just be slow, but often I must read, reread, look up something somewhere else, return to the original work and reread the damned thing again.
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does rorty still teach at stanford? he is a living god to me.
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Wouldn't a donut shaped lazy susan desk where you sit in the middle be easier than a round one?
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phaedon -- Rorty is emeritus at Stanford now.
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I love that Structured Procrastination essay - never seen it, now tacking it up by my computer. Thanks!
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Structured Procrastination... Sounds great. I'm gonna bookmark that and check it out, soon.
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