Indian Superhero Comics
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Super Indian: Superhero comics from the culture that invented the genre. Check out Nagraj (and Nagrani?), Tiranga, and Shakti. The somewhat less muscular Chacha Chaudhary. And... whatever is happening here. Meanwhile fun British rich guy Richard Branson brings you Indian-themed comics Ramayan 3392 A.D., Snake Woman (another Naga), Devi and The Sadhu. previously. Dishoom!
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the name: "Virgin Comics" hits a little too close to home I think...
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Here's the link to a somewhat different Nagraj for anyone who missed my old post.
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Well, I missed it -- thanks. Tellurian's post.
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And here's yet another appropriate opportunity to link Nina Paley's ridiculously brilliant animated Sitayana.

Jai SitaRam!
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I have never read much of the Indian superhero comics, but I was a huge fan of the mythological comics from Amar Chitra Katha. It seems like a lot of the mythological elements make for an easy transition into crazy superhero stuff.
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How is it an invention of the genre over, say, Greek mythological heroes, or other heroes of mythology?
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... and there is always Estricks, who, in 50 Isa ka poorva versh, when Romanos kabja-ed all of gol ki dharti, lived in a gñaav [sic] surrounded by four nearby chavniyou, 'Majhadharam', 'Cheekhpukãram', 'Mrüchhakatikam', and 'Dekhat-bhãgam'.

Never has an Indian translation delighted me as much as this one does! :-)
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rks404 -- I'm with you there. I ate that stuff up as a kid. Many fond memories. Great stories, great mythology.
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With the assistance of the sadhu Getaficks and the enormous Obhimaicks (who fell into a kumbh of amrita while still a baby), Estricks defends his community against the empire of the evil Pakiromanos...
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Wow, the Virgin Comics stuff look great. Thanks for this post. I also recommend the recent retelling of the Ramayana by Ashok Banker (as a fantasy genre novel), or even Ian McDonald's River of Gods.
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"River of Gods" has a US edition
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Really wild stuff. THanks.
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Also previously on Metafilter : Nagraj v. Shakoora The Magician from Raj Comics. UFF!. Wherein Nagraj meets Spider-Man, Superman and Batman and copyright hilarity ensues!

Oh wait, I see Tellurian and Methylviolet have linked back to the very thing - it's funny stuff!

Well, I don't think anyone has linked the previous Amar Chitra Katha thread here.
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How I love Sitayana -- it's like Dennis Potter: only animated, and Indian. As it turns out, those are the only things that could have improved it. Those books look fantastic, Dhruva and Homunculus -- I just reserved them at my library.

... And is this where you got your name, Dhruva?
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That's the spitting image of dhruva!
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Heh. no, I'm sad to say. I just picked the Sanskrit name for the pole star...
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