Free Moon Over Morocco Podcast!
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Starting tomorrow The ZBS Foundation will be running a free podcast re-broadcast of Moon Over Morocco, a radio series from the 70s featuring the continuing strange adventures of Jack Flanders. Some of you may be familiar with the first Jack Flanders story, The Fourth Tower of Inverness, a mystical and hilarious little cult favorite that would occasionally pop up on independent radio stations. Moon Over Morocco is its sequel.
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Yes, yes, via BoingBoing.
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The Fourth Tower is cool, although hours in it starts to really break down, with the actors going off script and laughing at themselves. I'm not sure I ever heard Moon Over Morocco, and I'll be sure to listen to it.

So who is producing (and podcasting) shows liket this today?
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there's some classic sc-fi radio 'casts on the iTunes podcast directory, but it isn't a serial like this.
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Damn it, I skimmed the post and got all excited 'cause I thought this was a podcast of The 4th Tower. Monn over Morocco is fun, but The 4th Tower is a tidal wave of weird awesomeness.
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These Premises Are Alarmed: ZBS has lots of radio dramas, although this is the first they are podcasting. You can buy them on CD or as DRM-free 160kbps MP3 downloads. I hope they podcast more.
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As a long-time fan, I've got the fourth tower, Moon over Morrocco, Dreams of India, Dreams of Rio and others. They're all brilliant and transporting, but nothing really beats the sounds and descriptions in Moon Over Morocco. The sounds of that country are just so amazingly different than anything you'd hear in the states.

I highly recommend recording this, and playing this for your kids.
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Hooray! I've been waiting for these to be podcasts since.... they invented podcasting. That and Firesign Theater.

Premises, I always liked when they broke down a little, especially since the breakdown point [Narrator:"...and Jack shouted for joy" Jack:"Joy!?" -offstage giggles-] would often come at my breakdown point if I was listening to too much at once. I don't know how serious I could be with someone blowing a duck call in my ear either.

But yay! Now maybe some more people will know what I'm talking about - I have a few friends who quote from Jack Flanders stories like people do with Monty Python, but everyone else just stares.

Send for the Grand Wazir! mmm..Such feegs!

They also have made some great binaural recordings with a Kunstkopf mike. Scary radio stories are scarier when the noises can come from behind you.

But please, MeFites - listen get hooked, and buy a bunch of their other works before these awesome stories are lost to time as just the ramblings of a bunch of wierdos in upstate NY.

Oh, and for shorter and less mystical humorous radio adventures via podcast, try Decoder Ring Theater. The first season (called "Original Universe" from the Vault) of the Red Panda adventures are hi-larious. And I think I have an audio-crush on Trixie Dixon, Girl Detective.
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You can -- and should -- buy the Fourth Tower of Inverness from ZBS. This is hippie culture at its very best, and was deeply moving to me when I discovered it at age 25.

Long may they reign.
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This is great! I say that never having heard any of the Jack Flanders adventures but I always wanted to.

ZBS also did a great production of Stephen King's The Mist that still gives me the creeps. Sadly I don't see that mentioned on their website.... maybe I will have to mp3 my version to the Usenet.
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The Mist is right here, and cheap on CD at $15. It really is an outstanding production.

I will throw my nickel in and suggest Ismael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo, another 3-D production, Weird, wild conspiracy fun. Oh, and also The Android Sisters, but they are admittedly more of an acquired taste.
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Awesome! Thanks mkhall
I forgot about Mumbo Jumbo.
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What date was "Fourth Tower of Inverness" originally released, can anyone tell me? In other words, was it the inspiration for the classic AD&D adventure "C2: Ghost Tower of Inverness" (1979), or vice versa?
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Fourth Tower was 1971 or 72. Certainly before 1979.
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