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Moonfruit is a flash site that builds flash sites for you. I'm not sure I really understand its complexity, as it took me about twenty minutes just to figure out how to start building a site, and even then I couldn't tell you how to do it. If anyone builds anything neat with it, do let me know.
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That looks like a novel idea: setup Flash Generator, get a bunch of diskspace, and set out to build a geocities of Flash sites. It's a bummer you say the setup is rough, I'll give a try and see how it is. I can't see them offering much in the way of customization though.
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The moonfruit site is remarkable. The flash animations are great looking, and the amount of customization they offer is truly suprising. I, too, became confused in the creation process, and ended up building this site, though I'm not exactly sure what I built. Check out Uncool Food to see a humorous example of what Moonfruit allows anybody to create.
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