The Knitting Machine
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The Knitting Machine is a performance art piece/sculpture by Providence artist Dave Cole. Cole's other works include a Memorial Flag made out of toy soldiers and a size 8 dress made entirely out of money.
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Full disclosure: I've met Cole for three seconds, I can tell you that he wears glasses. Other than that, I can tell you that he has a show coming up late this spring somewhere in Norway (via a mutual friend). I may live in the same small art-burg, but I'm in no way associated with the guy.
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Your 1st and 3rd link go to the same page.

I'm still trying to decide exactly what I think about this Knitting Machine piece. I think I don't exactly like it, but I can't quite articulate (yet, anyway) the reasons for this dislike.
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Oh carp. Stupid cut and paste. Thanks for pointing it out - I'll find the real third link and add it in here at some point.
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