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Laz Rojas created "a one-man demo tape in which I portray 102 different characters in 52 scenes from my screenplays. The purpose of this demo is to display my abilities as an actor, writer, director, and editor." Don't miss this gem, featuring what must be the only one-man lesbian kiss ever filmed [SFW, as long as you don't mind being thought creepy]. He also makes cartoons, artwork, Wolfenstein mods, and has an awful lot to say about Titanic.
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Holy god. I think this is kind of wonderful. And, and, and… I'm at a loss here. I just had to click on the one-man lesbian kiss. I anticipate very, very weird dreams tonight.
posted by serazin at 1:01 AM on March 6, 2007

I'll return to this later, as I'm too tired to watch anything right now. However, as much as I appreciate his love for Wolfenstein (on Mac, no less), I can't let this go. From the Titanic link, referencing Aliens and Titanic:

Suffice it to say that while I consider both movies to be masterpieces, they seem to me to have been made by two completely different men, which is testimony that during the interim there most certainly was an evolution.

I would put a "d" in front of that last word.
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He's no Cindy Sherman.
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His page hasn't been updated since 1997.
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His page hasn't been updated since 1997.

He ran out of wigs.
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These videos are great. They'd be weirdly captivating even if performed with multiple actors, but the Cindy Sherman touch puts them over the top. I haven't watched very many yet, but I liked this one.
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Good eye direction. Weirdly compelling characters. And I have a feeling Laz would be a gas over cocktails. You make 'em, I'll watch 'em, guvner.
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The videos were interesting, but the comics were blandly unfunny. And drawings of Star Trek characters? Really?
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Laz is also an uncompromising conservative voter.

"What further proof does anyone need to see clearly that liberalism is The Gospel of the Antichrist... and that all of its anti-Christian and anti-God adherents are not people with a different opinion or ideology, but evil and raving opponents of God and Truth? Who else seeks to knock God from His throne, and obliterate all those who trust in Him, except Satan and all of his spawn? Who else?"

See also here.
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Also, I don't want to come down on this guy too hard because it's great to see anyone stick their neck out for art. But on the other hand I don't know if a Miami Vice teleplay really needs to begin with 3 pages of hyper-accurate scenes showing how an unmarked van drives into Manhattan, navigates 57th St., travels north along 3rd Ave., makes a right onto 86th, then comes to 5th Ave. But on the other hand Michael Mann is into realism.
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posts like this one are why i stick around here.
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Wow, Kirklander.

If it's not clear, the point of this post was really to point out the demo tape, which is a true cinematic wonder. Rojas's ingenuity as a one-man director/actor/costume designer is awe-inspiring, his range of reaction shots mind-blowing. Even if his voices are all similar and his material is incredibly dull, it's really a delight to watch him. The rest of the links are just... frosting. Absurd frosting. Kirklander's addition takes his character in a whole new bizare direction.

And I'm pretty sure the 1997 thing is just his copyright.
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My goodness. Good for him.
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