Images of Aggregation
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Images of Aggregation "These works come from a study of organic natural forms and their relationship to simple mathematical rules." See videos, and also, Images of Flow. [via]
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Amazing to look at, but i'm not sure i understand what i'm seeing. But I'm guessing thats my day to day in a nut shell.
posted by nola at 10:48 PM on March 11, 2007

Maybe this art project exploring tea stain build up will help?
posted by dhruva at 10:58 PM on March 11, 2007

Very awesome.
posted by inconsequentialist at 11:37 PM on March 11, 2007

oops s/common/likely/
posted by Rhomboid at 1:32 AM on March 12, 2007

very cool, and very pretty, especially the videos. i wish there were a little more information about the computational details involved though. this is the sort of thing people who study self-assembly think about a lot, and the growth mechanisms of complex self-assembled structures are not very well understood.
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Very interesting, thanks!
posted by prostyle at 8:09 AM on March 12, 2007

Bliss. Thanks dhruva.

This is why I became a Mandelbrot fan years ago, that astonishing interface between science and art, and when one is contained in the other. Order and chaos dancing together. Sweet.

posted by nickyskye at 11:17 AM on March 12, 2007

Beautiful and, for me at least, somehow terrifying . . . maybe in a Kantian sublime sort of way. The objects inherently resist any attempt to get one's mind completely around them, yet their presence as objects is quite palpable. Thanks for this.
posted by treepour at 11:07 PM on March 12, 2007

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