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Flash Circle TD, successor to the wildly popular Flash Element TD, was released today.
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Oooh... I enjoyed the first Tower Defense very much.

Hops off to try this one.
posted by Savannah at 8:13 PM on March 14, 2007

Level 51 and then I threw my headphones down out of sheer horrible annoyance

But it was fun =)
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Yeah, I got up to level 53. There's no sense of frantic fun here.
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I got up to level 54 without much effort. Since it looked as though it was going to go on forever, without anything interesting happening, I decided that was enough.
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At the risk of being labelled a MehFite, meh. Flash Element TD and DesktopTD are much, much better. I got to level 75 on this without really thinking (or having much fun for that matter).
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there's not enough thinking but it's still kinda fun... I got to about 54 or 55. You have to start clicking on fools. final score 1491, not sure what it's based on but whatever...
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Maybe if the towers in the game started at 64 teeny-square size, it might be a little more balanced and a lot more challenging. As it stands, I found myself repeatedly forgetting whether I had upgraded towers, and wondering whether upgrades or placement or much of anything made a difference. In DesktopTD, on the other hand, I tend to hang on every upgrade.

Did anybody else notice if the "ground-only" towers fired on air targets? I'm fairly sure they do, and I got the sense that they also did damage. Ah well.
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51 but I gave up so who knows.
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1870 final.
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Sadly this wasn't nearly as much fun as Flash Element TD. There's no penalty to repeated loops, so not much strategy to positioning. And there are only five weapon options, two of which are clearly superior, so not much strategy to weapon choice. And the income is constant, so there's not much strategy to timing purchases. You're just buying what are obviously the best weapons (most damage per dollar), at what is obviously the best time (as soon as you can afford them), and putting them in what are obviously the best locations (within range of the most enemies).
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Dang. I can't tell whether it's better to go for more of the "damage" tower ($1.4/damage point), but a slower rate of fire, or lots of arrow towers ($5.56/damage point).

I wish it gave me a "dollar per damage per second" rating for each tower.

It looks like this one doesn't reward you for upgrades like the other TD games do (the $/damage point goes up the more you upgrade). Unless I'm missing something?
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Nope, the upgrades would only be worthwhile after you've covered all of the available space. Which is kinda lame.
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the creeps don't increase much in value with higher levels, which makes the game too repetitive. I had to sell half my slow towers to try the mega one.
Starcraft maps like this were/are more fun.
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I just let it play itself in the background. Horribly boring, no sense of urgency, and yeah... bleh.
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I managed to get a score of 2072, almost reaching level 80. It is clearly not the game that Tower Defense was. There is no interest, enemies do not increase in value, the difference in building new units and upgrading old ones is subtle at best (the increase in splash range is the only real benefit to upgrading, and it's slight), and the Slow units are apparently irrelevant, since unlike the earlier game there is no incentive to stop the units from getting anywhere.
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After some trial and error, I gotta agree with those saying this is an inferior game - compared to "Element", but especially compared to the vastly superior "Desktop TD".

I would add to the above only that the Slow towers are not only irrelevant, but, if the object is to keep the given number of creep units below 100 at any given time, somewhat counterproductive in terms of bang/buck ratio?
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