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John W. Backus, creator of Fortran, RIP
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A computer without COBOL and Fortran is like a piece of chocolate cake without ketchup and mustard.
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Bon Voyage creator of mustard.
Good luck with the MCP in the sky.
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Ah, should also have mentioned BNF.
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But his scores on Army aptitude tests were so high that he was dispatched on government-financed programs to three universities, with his studies ranging from engineering to medicine.
When a tour guide inquired, Mr. Backus mentioned that he was a graduate student in math; he was whisked upstairs and asked a series of questions Mr. Backus described as math “brain teasers.” It was an informal oral exam, with no recorded score.
He was hired on the spot. As what? “As a programmer,” Mr. Backus replied, shrugging. “That was the way it was done in those days.”

It sounds like a serendipitous series of events, but how great that the Army and IBM recognized his talent.
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c Hello, world.
Program Hello

implicit none
logical DONE

DO while (.NOT. DONE)
10 format('Goodbye, world.')
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Obligatory Futurama reference
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He was also great as "The Millionaire" and the voice of Mr. Magoo.

RIP, Lovey.
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DO 10, I=1,10
PRINT *,'.'
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Ahhhh, FORTRAN... the first language I actually got paid to write programs in. The big iron! Ah, my lost youth! :-D

er, sourwookie, you aren't confusing John Backus with Jim Backus now are you?

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Long live John W. Backus.

Long live FORTRAN.

Meanwhile, *BSD continues to decay.

Nothing short of a cockeyed miracle could save *BSD from its fate at this point in time.

For all practical purposes, *BSD is dead.
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RIP Mr. Magoo. =(
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Fortran still amazes me at how flat-out fast the code runs.
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er, sourwookie, you aren't confusing John Backus with Jim Backus now are you?

ya think? ;)
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10 format('Goodbye, world.')

I once wrote a program with a line like that in Fortran IV. The printer used the first character of the string as a carriage control.

So the printer executed a 'skip to channel G', and since there was no channel G, I ran a whole box of 14 7/8x11 through the 1403.
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"God is REAL, unless declared INTEGER."
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“You need the willingness to fail all the time,” he said. “You have to generate many ideas and then you have to work very hard only to discover that they don’t work. And you keep doing that over and over until you find one that does work.”

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1965. My first computer course was based around FORTRAN II. It set my career path.
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I still remember the 1969 thrill of finding a Fortran compiler report, with no errors listed, along with my stack of 80 column punch cards, and my program output listing, in my mailbox in the student computing services center at what is now the University of Memphis. I loathed Fortran, and came, slowly to love it. And I still do, both.
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My first computer language was Fortran. Good god that was a long time ago. And look where this has taken me to. Thank you John Backus, may you rest in peace.
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I took a FORTRAN course in 1980. We would do our assigned programs on punch cards, submit the stack of cards to the computer center, and pick up our resulting printout the next day. Taught me to look really hard for syntax errors, etc.
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Backus has died, but Fortran lives on. The 2003 revision supports object orientation and C interoperability. The 2008 revision will support the Co-Array Fortran extension, which is about 100 times easier than MPI.
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I loved my Fortran 90 class in college. Even though everyone said it was worthless and outdated by then (1994). I just reveled in the beautiful logic of it. RIP.
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