The Icarus Project
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This is what I like to see: communities of crazy people getting enough critical mass to make their crazy sane.

posted by anotherpanacea at 9:08 PM on March 20, 2007 [1 favorite]

That guy shouting crap about the gay jews building landing strips for the gay aliens isn't crazy - he's an artist or a prophet.
posted by Sukiari at 12:17 AM on March 21, 2007

I thought the space between brilliance and madness was MySpace.
posted by wendell at 12:55 AM on March 21, 2007

I thought the space between brilliance and madness was my own brain.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 2:27 AM on March 21, 2007

Love it.

posted by eritain at 2:54 AM on March 21, 2007

They should probably rethink the name...

Icarus flew too close to the sun despite being warned it wasn't a good idea, melted his wings, and FUCKING DIED!

Not to mention that Icarus wasn't brilliant. It was his dad that came up with the wings for flight - the same guy that told Icarus not to fly too high for fear of the sun or too low for fear of the dampness. The wings were intended to hlep the father and sun escape what was essentially a prison so that they might live a happy long life elsewhere.

Icarus was a young, self-absorbed ass that got wrapped up in his pure enjoyment of flight, thus killing himself and causing great pain to his father. Nice...
posted by Muddler at 4:13 AM on March 21, 2007

there is something poetic about the story though, flying for the first time.. higher, and higher, soaring and knowing true freedom, soaking it in, eager for more, until the cruel reality dawns, and your are struck to earth, doomed, but free.

i like the name.
nice site. thank you.
posted by Dillonlikescookies at 4:53 AM on March 21, 2007

The space between brilliance and madness - filled with other people's icons repurposed as navigation buttons ...
posted by bhance at 7:27 AM on March 21, 2007

Wouldn't it be easier just to shoot all of the psychiatrists?
posted by Burhanistan at 7:48 AM on March 21, 2007

If it helps people that's great, but somehow I don't see the Van Gogh or Dostoevsky or Fredrick Neitzcshe of our day, getting all touchy feel-y about their torment. Anyhow, the near eradication of tertiary syphilis and tuberculosis means they wouldn't have much to talk about anyway.
posted by Skygazer at 8:55 AM on March 21, 2007

Sp: Friedrich Nietzsche
posted by Skygazer at 8:57 AM on March 21, 2007

One nice thing about aging is, as your mind's powers cool, backing away from madness and being content with brilliant.

On the average. Of course, in the InterBoosh years, it has worked the other way.
posted by Twang at 7:37 AM on March 22, 2007

A favorite quote:

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” — Mark Twain

posted by Twang at 8:06 AM on March 22, 2007

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