Staying somewhere truly different
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While in Cappadocia, Turkey I stayed in a cave suite. We'd spent 20 hours on a bus from Marmaris and got into town around 6 am. It was surreal.
posted by roue at 12:36 PM on March 26, 2007

The Madonna Inn:
"Amazing designer property with every room tastefully different, from caveman rooms with waterfall showers to daisy themed rooms."

I may not be as objective as I could be about this because I lived next to it for years, but "tasteful" is the last word I would this sprawling eyesore. The whole thin g is tarted up in the most god-awful shade of pink you can imagine, and everything that isn't pink is painted with cheap gold paint in the attempt to make it look gilded. Unusual, yes. Wacky, yes. But certainly not tasteful.
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Man, that map interface is slower than Twitter.
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Nice idea; really irritating site.
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Fun site. Never knew about the interesting sounding Library Hotel and it's just a few blocks from where I live.

The Hemp Hotel in Amsterdam was founded by an old friend of mine from India, a true adventurer, entrepreneur (inventor of the Pollinator® and Ice-O-Lator®) and trekker, named Mila Jansen. The hotel is run by her wonderful daughter, officially named Elferra but known as Lali. I recommend the hotel as a place to hang out if only because Mila and Lali are delightful company.

My favorite hotel is Hotel Imperial, New Delhi (old world colonial with a great pool, superb food in the heart of the city) and Taragarh Palace in Himachal Pradesh, India, at the foothills of the Himalayas. As for some other amazing palace hotels, I recommend the sumptuous Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan or the Rambagh Palace Hotel in Jaipur, India.
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My wife and I stayed at the Library Hotel for one week this summer. And while the hotel was very nice, the staff very friendly, and free wine and cheese from 16h to 20h - the book theme wasn't as awesome as it sounded. Although we didn't try the Erotica suite...
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