Lawrence Welk meets Velvet Underground
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Velvet Welk
posted by JeffL (20 comments total)
So it looks like this is just Sister Ray synched up to an old Lawrence Welk clip. Is this a bad April Fool's joke or is there supposed to be something interesting about this.
posted by allen.spaulding at 9:03 PM on April 1, 2007

I was gonna say 'together at last', and mean it, but this is lame.
posted by unSane at 9:22 PM on April 1, 2007

I like it, thanks. Allen, some of us recovered from parents who watched Lawrence Welk, by listening to Velvet Underground.
posted by Brian B. at 9:26 PM on April 1, 2007

2 and a half minutes? Sister Ray is supposed to be seventeen. I hate it when people can't commit to their concept. Weak.
posted by nanojath at 9:37 PM on April 1, 2007 [1 favorite]

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posted by lalochezia at 9:38 PM on April 1, 2007

My parents were hardcore Welkies--- every Saturday at 7:00 we ALL had to share "quality time" in front of the twenty-four inch Curtes-Mathes as my dad nursed a six-ounce Miller and my mom worked through a thimbleful of off-brand blackberry brandy.
God I hated Saturday nights!
Until I discovered Anaconi.
Mexican songbird of my dreams.
I couldn't WAIT for seven o'clock, and I couldn't WAIT to head off to bed early.
Plus we lived about 2 miles from Welk's resort in SoCal, so I must've met the guy about fifty times.
So now I'm old, and nostalgic, and more forgiving.
I dig V.U. and I dig remembering how it felt to be eleven years old and I even dig my folks.
So I dig this post. Thanks, JeffL!
posted by Dizzy at 9:01 PM on April 1, 2007 [3 favorites]

Yawn. Next.
posted by funkbrain at 9:03 PM on April 1, 2007

I dig that comment Dizzy because you reminded me of watching Welk with my granny. I mean, I love Lou Reed as much as anyone, but the chicks on the Welk show? Freakin' HOT!

(and major matt mason - that made my day)
posted by vronsky at 9:31 PM on April 1, 2007

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posted by Falconetti at 10:12 PM on April 1, 2007

as a young kid, I was only allowed to watch one channel, PBS. That changed around third grade after seeing rescue rangers and begging my mom to let me watch network TV after school

Anyway, I saw the Lawrence Welk show a couple of times and it seemed like everyone was old. But this video was from the 60s or something and everyone was still old. Whats the deal?
posted by delmoi at 11:42 PM on April 1, 2007

delmoi, they keep making more old people. They make them out of young people.
posted by George_Spiggott at 11:55 PM on April 1, 2007

"delmoi, they keep making more old people. They make them out of young people"

holy shit.
posted by From Bklyn at 12:23 AM on April 2, 2007

Needs more cowbell.
posted by Samizdata at 12:49 AM on April 2, 2007

Wouldn't Velvet [Fog, for the non-old] Tormé have been more in keeping with common usage?

Damn these asses and their ceaseless plans for kitsch domination.

I defy you, ahistorical donkeys!
posted by Wolof at 1:08 AM on April 2, 2007

They were still old?

As usual, teh lamer chimes in to dialogue with himself.
posted by Wolof at 2:17 AM on April 2, 2007

Proving once again why I'll never have a date again, I confess that I still catch the Lawrence Welk Show on Sat nites sometimes.

Like vronsky (and, I guess, dizzy), I marvel at the enduring jaw-dropping wholesome hotness of the women he had on every week. It probably worked because women -- particularly young women -- strove to be better dressed and groomed in those days, plus there was an essential (if at times stifling) innocence to their presentation, and for a lot of us guys, suggestion and imagination are powerfully stimulating.

Also, I find myself admiring (and, anymore, a bit wistful over) the musicianship and showmanship of these people: As the genre went by the wayside, so seemingly did a certain level of polish, even if it was covered in cheese. These people made performing look easy, casual and fun, but I've read that while Welk wasn't necessarily a nasty bastard behind the scenes about meeting high expectations, he was a hard taskmaster and very much a product of his era, and it wasn't easy to get and keep a gig on his show -- you had to play and sing well, you had to look good doing it, and you had to fit into a certain fairly staid Middle America white-bread image doing it: His bunch were the un-Rat Pack.

And yeah, you can't beat it for the nostalgia -- my 'rents were WW II generation and this sort of stuff was, for better or worse, much of my soundtrack growing up and probably explains much of my (alleged) musical taste -- straight guys my age aren't supposed to like show tunes, for example.

Next on YouTube, the Archies perform "Heroin" (I hope I hope).
posted by pax digita at 3:18 AM on April 2, 2007

I enjoyed it!
posted by Drexen at 4:09 AM on April 2, 2007

I liked that.
posted by PHINC at 5:41 AM on April 2, 2007

For a long time my mind was infested with the sound of Mel Tormé singing the Velvet Underground Songbook (an entirely, though sadly, imaginary album). Ooh, it's come back...
posted by Grangousier at 11:40 AM on April 2, 2007

It would have been better if they used the part where Cecil kills the sailor. And they didn't get to "Too busy suckin' on a ding-dong" either. Shame.
posted by obvious at 5:44 PM on April 2, 2007

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