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Forget ink. These days you have to tattoo your laptop. See how it's made as makezine shows how they etched a very cool bunny infused Tsunami on a powerbok, also see these made by a real ink artist, and more images of the making of the tarsier Powerbook. For atari lovers, there's the Atari laptop.
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We've seen the first one before, but the Atari laptop is pretty snazzy.
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drats, dunno how I missed that. sorry.
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I wonder why none of the, erm, delightful young society girls (you know, the really slutty, ignorant ones the press is so happy to follow from one party to another in case they forgot to wear panties again) has a jewel-encrusted laptop to go with their blackberry...

Wait, don't answer that. We're better off not knowing.
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Why would they have a laptop when Jeeves can update their MySpace for them?

In fact, why would Paris Hilton, say, even have a MySpace page? People Magazine is her MySpace.
posted by DU at 6:00 AM on April 4, 2007

Oh, that Atari laptop is really cool!
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DU, I don't exactly want "Jeves" taking topless photos of me, and while I wouldn't be caught dead on myspace, I do have a profile on a small world The Beverly Hills of teh intertubes.
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Dear DU,

Paris is probably more into second life. Myspace is soooo five minutes ago.
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Hey Paris Hilton,

I'm like, um, totally scared to click those links. Are they hot?


p.s. I liked your album. Especially that part where you look like a dog.

'What am I for?' indeed.
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RE: the first link...
Anyone else see the strangness (irony?) of using CorelDraw on a PC to etch a Powerbook?
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I would like to get the phone in my office laser-etched, and my orange sweater.
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Are they hot?

Holy shit. I just became familiar with this Paris Hilton "hawt" meme yesterday afternoon, and that's about the 30th time I have run into it since. I am already fucking sick to death of it.
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I see lots of etched Powerbooks everytime I'm in San Francisco.

How do I get my machine etched?
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If you're in NYC, it's just $100 to do any powerbook.
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Okay. That's just rad.
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I take no responsibility! I hadn't seen this web phenom yet - I thought I was being clever (silly me) and lampooning the Banksy/Danger Mouse tracks on the 'replacement' Paris CD.

Have you heard any of it?
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man I love that Kozyndan shit.
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oooh ooh can i be a trend whore too?
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I prefer actual ink on actual flesh for kozyndan awesomeness.
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Oh, how foolish these laptops will look in fifty years.
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meh on the laptops.

And wow, Jay Leno would be proud of these attempts to shoehorn tired Paris Hilton jokes into a context where they are completely and totally irrelevant.

Got anything on Britney shaving her head? White people different than black people? Airline food not quite as tasty as the sophisticated palate might hope?
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In related news, here's a mass-customization blog and conference.
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A friend of mine had his done at adafruit in NYC. (He got an anthromorphic bunny samurai.)
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Mod note: a few comments removed and one angry bunny given a little bit of time out in the carrot patch, carry on
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Oh, how foolish these laptops will look in fifty years.

You really think they're all that stupid-looking? I can definitely see the "trend of the moment" themed ones (like that completely effing retarded Web 2.0 one that shows up once in a while) being like a shitty tattoo, but some of the more tasteful ones, such as this one, seem to me like they'd actually be pretty nice to have.

And I'm sure your 'fifty years' figure is hyperbole, these things will be junk in less than ten, and probably less than five ;)

Can keswick's mother come pick him up please? He's not playing well with the other children.
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Ack, beaten by Jessamyn! Sorry :(
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If one more person wastes money on "personal expression" (which is basically Apple's entire market, esp. the iPod; look at the posters, they all look like: omg all my music ORGASM), I'm going to drop-kick them.

Seriously, do they take the newly-etched laptop outside and then beat a homeless person with it?
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You know what burns me? Jewelry. Doesn't the sight of someone wearing earrings just make you want to rip their ears off? There's just way too much "personal expression" going on there.
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Or god forbid, those bracelets with their significant others name etched on it.
posted by dabitch at 12:18 AM on April 6, 2007

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