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Projection Bombing, via Code & Form. Outdoor digital projection in urban environments is a method for getting your content up big before the eyes and in the minds of your fellow city inhabitants.
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This is all well and cool until we advertisers decide to make your urban lives living hell with it. You should really stop with the ideas.
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Neat idea, but just a thought; if you are working on some kind of guerrilla artwork campaign that is going to have you creeping around large landmarks at night, you may want to leave "bombing" out of the name of what you are doing.

Particularly if it's going to involve you surreptitiously attaching electronics near said landmarks.
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I believe this was first developed by fi5e, who is quite the mad genius.
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cillit - good one.
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If you dont have a projector, a magnifying mirror and a flashlight (take off the lenscap) will work wonders. Alternately, you can use the sun and a good, big mirror. bed bath and beyond has these huge 5x mirrors, i dont leave home w/o mine. Sharpies are awesome, you can add color by drawing on the bulb or form by sketching/engraving the mirror. This is all medium of course, the importaint thing is in the skill of it, knowing what you want to project and then letting it flow through your hands. As far as i know im the first to do it with flashlights and make up mirrors, but originality is unimportaint compared to artistry and development. Thank you signal, this is like watching my dreams unfold.
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I believe I was the first to do this... with porn.
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And, yeah, I thought about commercializing it, selling jumbo, moving ads on the sides of buildings. I bet you could make a lot of money by projecting a Nike swoosh onto the Empire State Building.

But what are the property rights implications? Do you need to have an agreement with the building? I'd think so. But maybe you can Just Do It and there's not a damn thing they can do about it; it's just light after all...
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another approach
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UK advertisers were doing this eight years ago - back when Gail porter had hair. But everyone got quite bored of it quite quickly. Few more egs.
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I work with one of the people responsible for the Gail Porter-Houses of Parliament projection. Their job was to come up with one-off publicity stunts that would get media attention - crashed UFOs, faking Lassie, that kind of thing. Fun, slightly subversive job, I imagine.
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