Dot Action II
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Friday Flash Fun: Dot Action II. The first 30 or so levels are pretty easy, but it does get harder.
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posted by delmoi at 10:00 AM on April 13, 2007

Okay so I'm on stage 8, rushing to get up the column and through the orange field before my "Zet" runs out and I get this damn "windows update ready" message box poping up. Ugh.
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This is totally awesome. I know what I'm doing at work tonight...
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Hey sweet. If you notice at the bottom of the level select there's a 6 digit number. That's actually an "Access code" you can use to recover your progress (old school style!) My code right now is 191-537, and that gets me access to levels 1 through 18.

How many levels are there?
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When playing retro games like this, does everybody else feel that everything's OK with the world?

No? Me neither. Just asking.
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god level 30's a motherfucker.

fun game! thanks for the password tip delmoi. i'm on 32 right now.
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There are 100 regular levels. Beat 100 and you'll get a password for levels 101-108. That's all I know of so far.

Here's a complete list of passwords if you ever want to skip a level.

Thanks for the link, seanyboy! =)
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Flash Friday has become so competitive at my workplace now that my first reaction is to run whatever game it is through the Flare and Flasm swf decompliers just to see if I can tweak the code in my favour.

Which of course is cheating, totally takes the fun away, and I don't recommend it all.......except if you have an evil co-worker. Getting a next to impossible score then watching them struggle all day to try and beat you....good times.

BTW: Is there really only 108 levels? I think the code shows 109 (I'm might be wrong - decomplied actionscript without comments is fairly awful and not my cup of tea).
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Anyone know how to turn off the sound on this?
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page up/down for sound control
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WTF is up with level 30? And not just this one but the last few - time keeps dropping from like 150ish straight to zero, its totally gay.
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bitch 30 is 908-189 if it helps.
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In the next version, they should try to make the jump noise louder.
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I got to like level seven or eight, when it occurred to me... I'm playing a freakin' dot. I mean when you're playing Mario Bros at least you're a stupid hairy italian guy who can fix a toilet. It's a freakin' dot. Minimalism much?
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