Don Lancaster: energy and small business
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Don Lancaster: energy and small business Lancaster wrote in 'Nuts and Volts', wrote 'The Incredible Secret Money Machine', and has a website that ranges from small business to hydrogen economy to ebay to magic sinewaves. This is the link to his current blog, but take a look at his archived works. His writings on avoiding filing for patents are particularly thought-provoking and perhaps inspirational.
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Interesting. He's published a number of books on electrical engineering, and his website has a real scientific-notebook feel.
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Don's writings on the many and varied free-energy conspiracies are a constant source of joy to me. Plus, he is a perennial advocate of PostScript as a programming language. And he sells tons of stuff on eBay. Quite the renaissance nerd.
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April 3, 2007

The only remaining use for public transportation is to
provide predators with prey.

Curiously, this works both on the urban gang level and
on the city council level.

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browsing the site, he built a TV-Typewriter that's at the California Computer Museum.
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Don Lancaster's books and articles were part of my self-education in electronics in the 70's. I still have and use a copy of the CMOS cookbook.

He was hacking before hacking was cool...
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Thanks for posting this to the blue, dragonsi55.

Check out his take on patents and patent busting.
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from his site:

"thanks to you MetaFilter folks for giving us an all time
record day for visits and downloads."
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