Design like you give a damn.
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The Open Architecture Network "is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design." {via Cameron Sinclair's Ted Talk}
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Oh boy, 300 and some projects. E.G., Improving existing houses to make them net zero energy.
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Been browsing for a while and I haven't found a single actual plan, just a bunch of renderings, photographs and some tiny jpgs.
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Is this supposed to be what they mean by sustainable?

Makes me grateful for my crappy apartment...even though it's about the size of that dwelling.
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I like the Now House project that Listener pointed out. To get actual details on it (there's none on OAN) check out the website.
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'Open architecture' has existed for centuries, also known as 'vernacular architecture'. When we decided it was time to build a house, we did hire an architect but the design was pretty strictly based on local vernacular designs, which usually turn out to have a substantial amount of logic behind them, even if it isn't obvious at the outset.

How Buildings Learn is another locus classicus of this meme.
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A couple related sites that might be worth your while checking out: Archiplanet which is a Wiki dedicated to the architecture and design community and Great Buildings which houses descriptions, photos and sometimes plans for many famous/important buildings around the world.
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