Words make for some easy listening
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Listening to words allows you to find, listen to and discuss free lectures from around the web. [via mefi projects] [mi]
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Dewey decimal fans will enjoy browsing by category, but these are some of the great finds I've come across:

Frank Lloyd Wright discusses his trade.

The nobel lectures of Isaac Beshevis Singer, Saul Bellow, William Golding and Toni Morrison.

Richard Feynman speaks over my head about physics.

Brad Bird discusses animation.

Jared Diamond explains how we're all doomed.

Robert McNamara tells us all the evil, evil things he's done.

Poetry with Robert Hass, Seamus Heaney and Robert Pinsky.
posted by Terminal Verbosity at 11:08 AM on April 17, 2007

This is great.

gwint, if you're reading this, in addition to the feedback I left you, you should definitely add the Naropa lectures.
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Terminal Verbosity, thanks for posting this and wow, you really went through the site! Those are definitely some gems you've listed.

roll truck roll, thanks for your feedback. I had originally planned on having the site exclusively list lectures (as opposed to readings, panels, interviews, etc.) but I think it makes sense to expand it at least where readings are concerned. Thanks for the Naropa link. Between that, Ubu and PennSounds I've got a huge pool of amazing readings to add.
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This is fantastic, thanks! I just stumbled onto some Daniel Barenboim lectures: “In the beginning was sound,” “The Neglected Sense,” The Power of Music," etc. Great stuff!
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This is very valuable--thanks!
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gwint: in all seriousness, this is definitely my favorite thing that I have seen on the web in a long time. It's excellent because I love listening to these things. Thank you very much for creating this.
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I have a question: on the projects page it suggests you can export these to your ipod. Can someone explain it to this poor techno-confused soul how I would do that? Download them and put them in iTunes? How do I download them?
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dios, I'm not sure, but I think that's where the "Working on it" comes in.
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dios: Thanks for the kind words. As for iTunes export, at the moment, you can create a playlist (mp3s only) and then click the "Export to m3u format" button on your "mystuff" page. That will create a file on your desktop which you can import into iTunes which will (in theory) import all of the lectures from your playlist. I'm planning on adding some additional podcast-like ability in the (hopefully) near-future. I'll also be adding (likely this week) the ability to add lectures to a playlist from any page that includes a reference to a lecture (i.e. the main list of lectures pages, a person page, etc.)
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Don't know how I missed this the first time around -- I just tried to post it to the front page via the Projects post. Either way: ROCK. You've made my workday that much better.
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