February 26, 2001
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Schadenfreude update: eToys has officially announced it will file Chapter 7 and liquidate in 5-10 days. And, as expected, Disney started Round 2 of layoffs from its cash-hemmoraghing operation, this time gutting ABCNEWS.com and ABC.com. Predictions as to who's next?
posted by aaron (5 comments total)
Well if this is the beginning of a trend, it's obvious that the next victim will be Satan himself.
posted by Eamon at 2:51 PM on February 26, 2001

Or the next best thing, Henry Kissinger.
posted by argybarg at 2:58 PM on February 26, 2001

Anyone know how much they're selling their Santa Monica office for? Its a wicked-ass building, and right down the street from me.

And would it be foolhearty to try to start my own business within those hallowed walls? The commute would be great...
posted by thebigpoop at 5:18 PM on February 26, 2001

Truly wicked-ass...
posted by owillis at 11:18 PM on February 26, 2001

Trading on eToys was halted at $0.09/share. Could be a good bargain buy.
posted by dhartung at 10:24 AM on February 27, 2001

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