February 26, 2001
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“Although I firmly believe that my panties abduction was real, I have tried to be as broad-minded as possible and show as much integrity as I can in questioning myself and the whole terrible experience.”
posted by gleemax (6 comments total)
I am unable to render judgement without a picture of some panties, or the mentioned victim in a pair....
posted by Capn_Stuby at 6:58 PM on February 26, 2001

quite right, Stuby ol' chap.
posted by quonsar at 7:44 PM on February 26, 2001

...Holding a pizza.
posted by Hankins at 8:46 PM on February 26, 2001

Or an alien in the panties. Oooh, hot.
posted by davidgentle at 9:54 PM on February 26, 2001

She says she had nightmares about plaid.
posted by pracowity at 11:30 PM on February 26, 2001

Honestly, it must have been aliens, honey. How else could some panties end up in my glove compartment?
posted by dhartung at 10:17 AM on February 27, 2001

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