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A communication primer. A pretty basic, but well-written primer on effective communication, and proper understanding of the communication process, barriers, listening, feedback and non-verbal hints. Don Clark's site contains a lot of well-formed ideas on leadership and human performance without resorting to mumbo-jumbo and buzzwords. Not your typical MBA / self-help bs.
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Does mathowie know about the hostile takeover?
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Don Clark is a silent partner in MetaFilter Network LLC
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Oopps... Don't know what happened there.
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I'm sending this to the LOLcats.
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One of the best books on communication I've read (ok, I'll admit that I haven't read that many but still), was Made to Stick. And as with most people in 2007, the writers have a blog.
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psmealey, If I could favorite your post many times I would. This communication primer is a site I wish I could have seen decades ago, when I was a teen and interested in studying the science of communication. In ye olde days there were no university courses on this that I could find. A degree in communication meant courses in broadcasting, tv, radio etc. not my interest at all. Don Clark's site has excellent information, for an entrpreneur...and just plain living life well skills.

If anyone else knows of any other sites which discuss the nature/science of human communication, analysing comprehension, I'd totally appreciate it.

Thanks for your post!
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ooh, as drezdn mentioned, the link to the Made To Stick blog.
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Sorry, I wasn't listening. What?
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My pleasure, nickyskye. It's not often I read something like this that's so fundamental, direct and completely devoid of marketing bullshit. It's kind of like open source management and communication skills. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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