Glass art
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Glass Art : A site with thousands of images of glass art objects.
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If you're in London the V&A has a great collection of glass and the links section of their website is a great place to learn more on the web.

Also, some videos of Dale Chihuly's work
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Sorry, I got that wrong. This is the link to the Dale Chihuly videos.
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Slightly more specialized, but more in line with the type of work displayed at, I find the forum's at Warmglass much more helpful. (Go to the Bulletin Board.)
Here's the photo forum, I'm not sure if you'll need to have an account. But if you're interested in kiln-worked and hot glass, it's a great resource.
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Amazing stuff. I've been blowing glass for a couple years in my garage, and over that time I have found a new appreciation for borosilicate art.

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I heart glasswork. I'd love to be a glass artist. Someday... [sigh]
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A good thing people are making pretty art like this bee and dandelions, before they cease to exist in reality.
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Thanks for finding this site.
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dhruva, transparent glass art is one of my all time most favorite things in the world. Thanks *so* much for finding this site and sharing it here. Bliss.
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