And the baths of all the western stars, until I die
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Under alien skies: Start with the simply stunning Exosolar, a flash-based interface for navigating through 2,000 nearer stars in 3-D, including all discovered planets outside our solar system. See what the skies would look like from other planets and suns. Explore star maps from many science fiction universes, from Star Trek to Dune. Watch the Big Dipper change its shape over a hundred thousand years. Zoom into a face-on map of the Milky Way that would cover 16 square meters if printed, and see the Atlas of the Universe. [prev. on extrasolar planets, prev. on star maps]
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that Exosolar thingie makes me want to build up a fleet of battleships (to escort the colonizers) as i go from star to star.... space is going to be so fun to conquer.
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thanks, 3blahs, flagged comprehensive nerdipedia
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Thats awsome. Cool post.

dopamine, your going to need to look into planet destroying capabilities
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Poor Pluto. Banished from our happy little neighborhood.
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Actually I was quite happy to see that Pluto wasn't on the list. Space just isn't a place to be sentimental.
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blah^3 - this is gold. My eldest has just started "doing" Astronomy at school and now cannot wait to show this to her class tomorrow.
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Thanks for the pointer. Will explore more later!

I must mention my favorite though:

Alhough you do have to download & install an app, it's not web-based... it is worth it.
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I'm the author of the Project Rho 3D star map site, and I'd like to point out that the rest of the site has instructions on how to make your own star maps. Teachers of astronomy and trigonometry may find this useful.
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Very nice post - thanks for putting a good scope on my Monday.
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