Etch-A-Sketch Based Commissioned Art
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For the past several years, Jonathon Liu of Rainy Bay Art has been accepting commissions to create detailed (and permanent) portraits in the medium of Etch-A-Sketch. He also works in the medium of pumpkin.
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Drive Faster!
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related. Like his pumpkin art.

Here's some other pumpkin art. And more.
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No matter how great your etch-a-sketch picture is, it's no fair not to let other people use it.
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This guy must have the nerves and patience of a thousand Buddhist monks. Try drawing that many diagonal lines on an Etch-A-Sketch without grinding your fillings to dust... not an easy or pleasant task.
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For the etch-a-sketch/sport/celebrity enthusiast, check this out
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I like the pumpkins, but it seems to me the Etch-A-Sketch pictures are about 1000 times harder to do.

Would it be possible to:
1. Shake the E-A-S upside down to coat the screen
2. Take off the back and empty the grey stuff
3. Gut the scratching mechanism
4. Draw a picture by hand using a stylus
5. Maybe spray a fixative on your picture
6. Reattach the back

It seems amazing to me that, despite all the things I have taken apart in my life, I never tried an Etch-A-Sketch.
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