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The Free Voice of Labour [Flash video 57.11] traces the history of a Yiddish anarchist newspaper publishing its final issue after 88 years. One of 200+ films on anarchist and related themes at the ChristieBooks channel on Brightcove. Other films include Gordon Carr's documentary on the Angry Brigade, a wealth of Spanish-language material on the civil war and revolution, a Russian-language biopic of Nestor Makhno, the story of the Bonnot Gang and a history of Uruguay's Tupamaros. In other news, Franco is dead.
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Excellent Post. Thank you!
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thanks!!! amazing, invaluable stuff here!

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This is great. I just interviewed the folks from the Kate Sharpley Library for an upcoming issue of Serials Review (I know, my glamorous life...) and they have an amazing Yiddish Anarchist Bibliography online as well as a ton of other great documents.
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I see Stuart Christie of ChristieBooks (and recent acclaimed autobiography fame) crops up there jessamyn. He does a spoken intro to the Angry Brigade film; he was one of the accused acquitted at the trial (the late Albert Meltzer who wrote the tribute to Kate Sharpley also crops up in the actual documentary).
There's quite a view classic movies like Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Ten Days That Shook the World up on Brightcove too. I'm hoping to get it all watched before a take-down notice ensues.
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Excellent post. Thanks a lot.
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jessamyn will your interview be available online?
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oops, sorry for the all bold!
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jessamyn will your interview be available online?

Not legally, Elsevier are monsters. Email me and I'll send you a copy.
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Elsevier are monsters.


Oh, and great post—thanks!
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