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A Fair(y) Use Tale Single link YouTube
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That's fucking awesome. I can't imagine how much time it took to make. Did they search subtitle files for the words they needed and sync'd video off that?
posted by mathowie at 8:48 PM on May 19, 2007

I have no idea, but I loved it too.
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I really wanted to like it, but in the end it was... pain...ful to... watch...
posted by blue_beetle at 9:27 PM on May 19, 2007

I bet a disney movie marathon was involved.

I really like this.
posted by Arturus at 9:35 PM on May 19, 2007

Brilliant, witty and staggering patience to edit. Loved that.

Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created the short film. He "is an assistant professor of Film Studies and English at Bucknell University. His research includes early cinema and digital imagery. He has also made several experimental films that imagine what academic research might look like as a product of electronic (rather than literary) culture."

WIRED says: ""A Fair(y) Use Tale" mashes up all your Disney favorites to humorously and effectively explain copyright law. The ten minute movie, directed by Eric Faden, came out of Stanford University's Fair Use Project Documentary Film Program. Stanford's Fair Use Project--to which Stanford Law professor, Copyright guru, Creative Commons advocate and Wired writer Lawrence Lessig contributes--was founded last year to "support to a range of projects designed to clarify, and extend, the boundaries of fair use in order to enhance creative freedom." And, well, the movie is damn sure creative, and certainly seems to take the boundaries of fair use about as far as they can go."

Fair(y) Use is on the Center for Internet and Society, part of Stanford Law School's site. That site also includes MeFite jgilliam's and Robert Greenwald's Iraq for Sale documentary.
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I liked it. I can't wait for the lawsuit.
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Or the appeal!
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"This is" "absolut"(ely) "brilliant!"
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Great concept for about a minute.
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This is amazing, but now I need an aspirin.
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That was... a good idea, but unbelievably poorly executed. The editing, even taking into account the diverse sources, was terrible. I watched it when it came up on boingboing, and turned it off after about 10 seconds of the video.
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Superb. I found it perfectly watchable, though from these comments not everyone could cope with the serious amount of jump cutting* required to voice the script.

BlackLeotardFront, I'm genuinely curious - if you thought this was poorly executed can you give an example of another film with a text heavy script that was similarly constructed from tiny snippets of other films which was less poorly executed?

* Ok, not actually 'jump' cutting, then. What is the proper term here?
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Augh. The concept was awesome, but listening to it gave me a headache. Suffering through those 10 minutes was worth it only for the appropriately placed, non-truncated reaction shots. That said, I do appreciate the amount of work that's gone into this, and in retrospect, it is hilarious. Especially the conclusion. Still... *wanders off to listen to more mellifluous sounds*
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LOVE IT. I could say more but it would be so much.
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I know that guy!

I took some classes from him at Bucknell, and I worked with him on a documentary project. I never had a chance to actually view any of his stuff (I was too busy graduating and working on my own film projects) but he was a good professor and had one of the best justifications for Starship Troopers being a good movie.

He is also responsible for starting the restoration of the awesome Campus Theatre in Lewisburg. It has it's own mini classic film festival, I got to see The General played there with a live orchestra.
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