I would have liked to have known you/But I hate the Twins
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Requiem for a Bat Girl. Three years ago, writer Anne Ursu started a blog devoted to the Minnesota Twins. Pretty much immediately she was lauded as one of the best baseball bloggers. And then came the Lego reenactments. (Favorites: 1, 2, 3) And the Boyfriends. Yesterday, she ended the blog to spend more time with her young son. She will be missed.
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Unavailable for comment.
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I don't understand British people and their fascination with cricket.

Waitaminute...aw, damn.
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yet another woman abandoning a flourishing career for family. Such irony that it was a home-based business too.
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Wow! dw, nice post -- this is quite a find. This 'blog is so incredibly good that it could've gotten me rooting for the Twinge, and I'm pretty much in Reds/Tribe country. It's a shame that I'm finding out about it as Anne turns to full-time mommying (and believe me, that's damn near a 24/7 gig at the outset).

(Hmmm. Better go see if any Indians fans have weblogs...)
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She will be missed here in Twins Territory. It should also be mentioned that 3B Nick Punto was surprised by fans calling him Batgirl's nickname for him: "Little Nicky Punto".
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Now, there are 7 women who care about baseball.
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Detroit all the way.... but still a great blog. Thanks for the post.
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The "exclusive Legovision" twist is a stroke of comedy genius. As an example, here's the March 2005 Congressional steroid hearings, reenacted in plastic. Note Bud Selig's avatar.
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Thanks, that's a great blog.
/was a Twins fan from when they were still the Senators right up till college days
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Wonder if Bat Girl was disappointed to have a single child instead of Twins.
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Too bad. Hers was one of my favorite baseball blogs.
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I met Anne before she was famous. She was at a Valentine's Day poetry slam at Kieran's Pub in downtown ManyApples, ManySodas and won by a landslide, the coup de grace being her love poem from a 15-year-old girl to Richard Nixon extolling his jowly, shady, but oddly sexy virtues. Upon her winning, her future husband came up to the microphone and proposed marriage, which she accepted. I began noticing her pieces in the local alternative weekly shortly thereafter. Then she was gone. The next I heard from her, she had published her first novel and was doing a book signing at the Hungry Mind, a now defunct but once famous bookstore near Macalester College in San Pablo. I reminded her of the scene at Kieran's upon which she turned bright red and stammered, oh my god, you were there...!

She will be sorely missed 'round these parts.
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(Hmmm. Better go see if any Indians fans have weblogs...)

Here's USS Mariner's list of recommended baseball blogs.
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Honestly one of the few blogs I really enjoyed.
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I love girl blogs about sports, if only because it gives me a way to read sports commentary and avoid the offensive boob comments or "that sideline reporter has a great ass" posts I see on boy-run blogs like Deadspin.

I never ran across this one since baseball isn't my bag, but many friends have encouraged me to start my own sports blog. Maybe someday, but I can guarantee you it wouldn't be as cool as Bat Girl.
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Tis a sad day for me, Batgirl has been in my bookmarks for a couple of years now. I'm not even a Twins fan, but she did entertain well, had a great community put together, and I truly enjoyed her humorous irreverence. All the best to you and yours, Anne!
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