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Linux For the Damned. "We suggest installing over Ubuntu Christian Edition, but the standard Ubuntu will do fine."
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About fucking time.
posted by cellphone at 9:40 PM on May 25, 2007

Hell, yes
posted by longsleeves at 9:45 PM on May 25, 2007

Um, isn't the Satanic version of Linux called Windows?
posted by dw at 9:55 PM on May 25, 2007

I don't understand this.
posted by Methylviolet at 10:21 PM on May 25, 2007

Hahah, awesome.
posted by VirtualWolf at 10:30 PM on May 25, 2007

Gah, the red links are leaping out of the page trying to devour my soul!!!
posted by ddf at 10:36 PM on May 25, 2007

pyramid termite -- Excellent link. My favorite parts:

AMD is a third-world based company who make inferior, "knock-off" copies of American processor chips. They use child labor extensively in their third world sweatshops, and they deliberately disable the security features that American processor makers, such as Intel, use to prevent hacking.

We all know about those sweatshop chip fabs. Four-year-olds working grueling hours in the clean room...
posted by spiderskull at 11:49 PM on May 25, 2007

This sucks. Where's Captain Sensible?
posted by Smart Dalek at 4:34 AM on May 26, 2007

At first glance I thought this was a post about Throbbing Gristle, sorely disappointed.
posted by rubyeyo at 6:11 AM on May 26, 2007

I'd like to point out that the Ubuntu Christian Edition is not a joke or just a set of artwork like the linked one. I've personally never tried this, but i am a Kubuntu user.
posted by CautionToTheWind at 7:04 AM on May 26, 2007

LOL satanic nerds.

\oo/_ 666 _\oo/$ /bin/date
Permission denied
\oo/_ 666 _\oo/$
posted by xthlc at 7:36 AM on May 26, 2007

You know, if it handled semi-obscure hardwear like usb wireless dongles nicely, I'd switch over, regardless of the consequences.
posted by sebastienbailard at 8:15 AM on May 26, 2007

I think we have the wrong FPP here. Clearly it should have been pyramid termite's link warning us about our children's hacking behavior.

Ubuntu Satanic Edition is amusing, but the second one contains actual information. For instance, in addition to the previously mentioned warning about AMD, I learned that Gibson's Neuromancer is a "hacking manual" and that I should be alarmed at my son's increasing involvement with the "Lunix" operating system.
posted by hwestiii at 10:27 AM on May 26, 2007

spiderskull, their small nimble hands are really useful for the new 35-nanometer processes. Adults just can't get much below 65nm.
posted by hattifattener at 11:20 AM on May 26, 2007

Not only that, but you can fit two children into a single bunnysuit, which are very expensive.
posted by Ethereal Bligh at 11:27 AM on May 26, 2007

Damn you, Smart Dalek. I was about to make a Rat Scabies joke!
posted by BitterOldPunk at 3:19 PM on May 26, 2007

Huh... anyone remember Jesux, the Linux distro for Christians?
posted by wfrgms at 7:45 PM on May 26, 2007

Yeah, I heard it could turn water into Wine.

posted by IronLizard at 7:54 PM on May 26, 2007

improved default settings for a better Christian experience of the computer desktop

posted by beerbajay at 4:53 PM on May 27, 2007

If they're not parodies, beerbajay, they should be.
posted by IronLizard at 5:47 PM on May 27, 2007

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