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"November 4: Voters from the six counties of the District agree to a $35 million bond issue, using their homes, farms and business properties as collateral, in order to support the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. The vote is 145,657 in favor and 46,954 against." On May 27th, 1937, the World's longest suspension bridge opened to the public. Happy 70th anniversary, Golden Gate.
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It was not just the longest, but also the highest suspension bridge ever built.

You can walk around the old fort at the foot of one end of the bridge

You can walk or ride your bike across it and see breathtaking views.

Though, ironically on its 70th anniversary, they are talking about adding 'suicide barriers' that would ruin the views.

(Maybe they should outlaw ropes and sharp kitchen knives while they're at it).
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Though, ironically on its 70th anniversary, they are talking about adding 'suicide barriers' that would ruin the views.

The debate over suicide barriers has been long-standing.

From the Lethal Beauty (November 2005) link:
"Sixty-eight years of debate about a suicide barrier. Lethal Beauty is a seven-part series looking at the darker side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The conclusion is inescapable: A suicide barrier would prevent deaths. Golden Gate Bridge district directors voted in March to authorize a $2 million feasibility study, which has not yet been fully funded. The stories this week provide the context, background, meaning and a human dimension for the decisions that will follow."
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Oops -- I meant for 'the fatal grandeur' hyperlink be to the well-known 2003 New Yorker article Jumpers.
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BTW -- "The Bridge" will be released on DVD on June 12th.
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The whole 'ruining the views' thing is the weakest argument against suicide barriers on Golden Gate Bridge. The same argument could have been given over 70 years ago, that the natural beauty of the region was itself being ruined by the bridge itself. The existing railings 'ruin' the views and are no less man-made than the barriers being proposed, which is conveniently forgotten by those who talk as if the bridge emerged whole from the water, its construction plans holy and inviolable.

Not to mention that the beauty of the bridge is ruined, more than anything, by the constant presence of traffic and tourists.
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Well, I'm sorry I brought up the suicide barrier in the first place, since it has been discussed in great detail in many Mefi posts before. I seem to have put a damper on the anniversary post for the bridge.

It is a beautiful bridge giving a wonderful view of a beautiful city.
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Not as busy as the one built by the command of his majesty, the Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, but very beautiful.
So, someone jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge every 15 days?
They should really try to stop that guy.
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