All dogs go to Heaven. Well, unless they're Jewish. Or Muslim. Or whatever.
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"All Creeds. All Breeds. No Dogmas Allowed." Whether you are a dog person or not, you have probably seen Stephen Huneck's woodcut illustrations, sculptures, furniture or children's books. The man clearly likes his canines. About eight years ago, a wild idea came to him shortly after he returned home with his wife and three dogs following a near-fatal illness that left him in a coma for two months. He was inspired to build a non-denominational chapel on his 400-acre mountain-top farm in St. Johnsbury (named "Dog Mountain," naturally), and to style it in the manner of a small village church built in Vermont around 1820. He then opened Dog Chapel to the public. "I look at this chapel as the largest artwork of my life, and my most personal." he says. It looks cool. Woof.
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Crazy cat lady dog guy?
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Finally, irrefutable proof that there is a Dog.
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Oh, he's a little obsessed to say the least... he's channeled it well enough to pay for a 400-acre farm though. Man, I wish my crazy obsessions were half that profitable...
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Amazing. The volume of work prior to this is impressive enough, but the artistry and dedication shown by the Dog Chapel's existence is astounding.

I see coming back to this whenever I really need to smile.
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Fantastic. The woodcuts from the "illustratons" link are laugh out loud funny and the chapel is incredible. All the best artists build chapels.
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The dog chapel is a lot of fun. A Vermont must-see.
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It's OK just as long as the dogs don't get a fundamentalist on us. I don't think they will since dogs are better than people.
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Perfectly timed! We are planning our first visit there this weekend. Thanks.
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I first learned about this chapel on WCVB's "Chronicle". Too bad they don't have video available online.
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I hate that such a beautiful labor of love is so tacky. That being said, seeing it reminded me my dog is awesome. From VT, no less.
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What a sweet place. Great tshirts too.
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Dog Chapel! Reason #1,462 why I am proud to be from Vermont.
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My Karma ran over your Dogma.
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Oh man, those are awesome in that folk-art kind of way. Great find.
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St. Johnsbury is such a cool town - I hope I get back up there sometime and when I do I am definitely taking my dogs to the chapel. Maybe a little faith will get the younger one to stop tearing up the couch cushions - it's like Lourdes! Only better!
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My late father-in-law has a one of his pieces. It's a life-sized nun with a lit-up face. She opens up to reveal a buttload of CDs.

I've been to his gallery. Neat place.
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