I think I can see my house from here...
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Trulia Hindsight merges real estate data showing the year properties were built with animated maps (US Only). Search for your town by name; here's mine.
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(requires Flash 9, but this is a good use of flash)
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Fun for areas with good info available -- for instance, I know the house I live in was built in 1952 as part of a development, but it's much more interesting to see homes to the east pop up one by one over 30 years, then in one year BAM! all of my division pops up in unison.

Not so fun for areas with limited info available -- for instance, if I were to believe the data, the house I grew up in continues to be surrounded by very sparse housing, when this is very far from the case.

Overall: B+, lacking only full data and the ability to roll over a specific dot and see more details about that house. Well done.
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That is pretty cool. And it explains why Manhattan's Upper East Side is so hideous.
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Wow. That is sweet.

I feel like websites such as this one are what the Internet was really hyped up to be in the late 90's. Ridiculously detailed and interactive information available instantly.
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What amazes me is how fast it must have seemed to the people who moved in to a place like ZIP 92630 or 92691 when they were first built in the 1970s and 1980s, and how I grew up there just twenty years later and everything seemed so permanent, like it had been there forever.
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Awesome! That's neat. Now I'll be up all night reliving my life.
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Yeah very cool.
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Am I out of luck on the mac? I'm getting the base map, and as the waiting animation circles, it always returns an error and I see nothing. Yes, I have flash 9 and it fails on both Safari and Firefox.
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Staring at the thing going round and round I feel like I am in some kind of way back machine going back in time to a place where there were fewer….. whoa dude its like…. Just kidding still staring at shitty stargate animation.
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I think it's just hammered by Mefi users right now. Maybe later it'll be accessible (I've been seeing "please wait - problem loading data" for 30 minutes now).
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