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Soft drinks for the undecided. Next time you're in Singapore and feeling thirsty yet noncommittal, why not pick up a can of Anything or Whatever? Just be warned that you won't know whether you're drinking Cola, Cloudy Lemon, or Chrysanthemum Tea until...your...first...sip. (Via the effervescent & esoteric Knowledge for Thirst.)
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The drink has created a buzz in certain circles, but perhaps the most interesting sidebar is the ad agency's immediate action to disassemble 450 bus stop displays because their empty cans, if exposed to the elements, present a particularly nasty tropical health hazard.

wait for it... wait for it...

...Viral advertising, indeed.

(I apologize if this is old news. I fear I may have used the least helpful search string ever.)
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Actually, this is my attitude towards asian drinks in general. Perhaps a native of Vietnam, for example, already understands what penny worth leaves juice is, but from my point of view the soft drink & juice section of a big asian supermarket is still at least 75% wonderful whatever randomness.
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If you complain in Singapore about the contents of a can of soda will they imprison you next to the gum-chewers for 90 days and then strap you to a frame and beat your ass half to death with a piece of wet split bamboo?
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uh... OK.
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They call it "caning," I've heard.
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Empath, I can't remember if I liked the taste of OK soda or just the can.

Cool blog. I'm not into Anything or Whatever, but I do like to try the occasional oddity (like Mung bean juice).
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sweet. Im getting a case of this from my buddies in Singapore.
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This is really what I love about Asian softdrinks. The pure awesome ness of the flavors. Not only this, but in this case, its awesomeness +random.
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"The decision to make a switch from golf media company to a beverage company was a tough decision."
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Is it just me, or does "cloudy lemon" as a soft drink flavor sound troubling?
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Probably not just you, but cloudy lemon drinks have been popular in Britain for many decades.
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Yeah, what UbuRoivas said. But a cute idea.
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Uh, Cloudy Lemon is what the rest of the world calls what Americans call Lemonade. So no, not troubling.
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They must have had me in mind when they came up with this. I'll have whatever.
Sadly I do not have any buddies in Singapore.
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longsleeves: Is that a wish, a fear, or perhaps, both?
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Neat idea, but their website makes me angry.
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