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Flash Sunday: Particle-based (explosive) sandbox - another fun toy to play with! Besides the classic earth, water, fire, and plants, this version has air pressure-based physics for wind effects. A mesmerizing tinker-toy. (requires java) (previously) (via)
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Who can make an ice bomb? A volcano? A flamethrower? A gas turbine? A snowblower? A garden hose? Have fun and post challenges / screenshots.
posted by anthill at 6:55 PM on June 2, 2007

I was all set to be like "oh this is nothing new" but then I made something explode and WOW and thank you and wow.
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I liked making lots of the "tree" stuff...and then setting it on fire. It's amazing how quickly a little speck of fire can consume a whole big amount of wood. Nifty!
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This is honestly the most fun I can remember having on a Saturday night.

No, my Saturday nights usually aren't anything to call home about, but still, this is damn fun.
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 7:41 PM on June 2, 2007

Simply awesome. I played with this in its earlier versions, it looks even better now. Only thing I need is a bigger version.
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I just set up a never-ending battle between water and ice. Put two fans near the bottom corners, and ice at the top corners. Rain in a bunch of water, and watch. It's mesmerizing.
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How on earth do you grow a tree? I can't figure it out!
posted by stoneegg21 at 8:18 PM on June 2, 2007

Water and seed, same as farmers.
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You also need powder as a base, but once a plant starts growing all it needs is water to continue.

You can set up some neat effects using gunpowder to create pressurized chambers. I made a simple fountain, but I'm sure inventive minds could do a lot more.
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Is it just me, or does this thing stop responding if you put too many things in the scene?
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I thought I was the only one. I usually just start over.

Oh well.
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There is a maximum number of particles that it lets you have simultaneously. Just use the "erase" to get rid of some particles you don't want to add more of the ones you do. There is actually a particle counter at the bottom that shows how many you have left.

This is surprisingly fun.
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This is the best thing since the invention of fermentation.
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My finds:

- Turning off "Lines" makes the whole thing look much nicer, and lets you keep track of where the gunpowder's drifting.
- Pressing "Stop" lets you set up some really explosive situations without time pressure.
- "Erase" and "Clear" wipe out particles and blocks, respectively.

Glad to hear people are liking it - 1:1 favorites to comments ratio is always good.
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Is this like the antithesis of Spore? Why is it that tinkering with this thing only made me long for Spore?
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I want a seed source, or a water source, something that continuously produces water, power, gunpowder or seed.
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Zach, thank you for figuring out why I couldn't stop thinking of Spore today.

Am I the only one who checks the wikipedia article to see if the release date has been changed?
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New discovery: Seed might just be the only material that can power a paddlewheel turbine!

The key is that a spinning wheel turns plants into powder, which can react with new seed to make more plants. If you set up a fan+wheel arrangement with a clear smokestack for the flames, get it running with seed, then prime it with a little shot of powder and flame, it'll run nice and steady!

posted by anthill at 8:06 PM on June 3, 2007

A modified version of the above is burning 225 dots/s.... as an environmentally conscious engineer, I still feel dirty.

You can even feed it about 10% gunpowder for extra kick - any more and it backfires.
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450 dots/s... augh, bedtime.
posted by anthill at 9:53 PM on June 3, 2007

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