Where the gazelle and the antelope play...
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Unexpectedly, thousands of mammals were spotted during their migration in the Southern Sudan surprising scientists who had given up thinking that wildlife might still exist [video link] in this war torn region of the world.
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Those are the strangest looking antelopes I have ever seen. Thanks for these links. It is good to see some of earth's endangered species coping with humanities nonsense in this area.
posted by AmberV at 6:12 AM on June 13, 2007

It's suspected to be the largest animal migration on earth, larger than the Serengeti.
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(This would be 100x funnier, which is to say "funny at all" if I could find an image link, but anyway)

It reminds of an old Far Side. A huge herd of animals is trampling a fence and headed for a rocket that's about to blast off. The guard is on the phone saying "something big must be going down".
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I want to go on safari soon, before ....
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Actually, AmberV, Southern Sudan is a semi-autonomous region, quite separate from the Darfur region. It's believed the migration is allowed to remain in tact because of a gigantic wetland (the Sudd) that serves as a natural barrier to poaching.

But yeah, truly awesome. You might remember Mike Fay from his Megatransect and Megaflyover days.

(p.s. I helped a little on the press release for this).
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Gorgeous. Thanks for this link.
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Oh, wow! You just made my day, infini. Thank you!
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So, they've survived the war(s) to only have their migration path be disrupted by Big Oil.

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The photos in the first Guardian link are viscerally exciting. They made my heart thrill, even without thinking of context. In context, they're the most moving thing I'll experience today.
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I am moved. Its good to know that all is not lost yet...
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Surely a little eco-tourism would help the region?
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