Ask Putin.
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Ask Putin. At 15.00 GMT today, Vladimir Putin will answer questions posed by the public live online. Two Russian journalists and one from the BBC will select the questions, you can submit yours here. Accountability or Publicity on the part of Putin?
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I've already submitted my Q for the Pu:

Will the tunnel under the Russian embassy in Washington be opened to tourists?

Now, wait, before you say nyet, think about it:

• It would be a nifty little moneyspinner.

• It would be quite an embarrassment to the US spy agencies in town. Many of their boys would have to drive past it every day.

• May I suggest that you hire a certain Boris out of retirement to be the barker? He would love that job and he would be great at it. English not necessary; he would just have to stand on the sidewalk and spout in Russian anything that comes to mind. Tourists would line up around the block.
posted by pracowity at 1:12 AM on March 6, 2001

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