My favorite song of the 90's...well one anyways
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The bands I wish could have covered or can cover this fantasic song In no particular order: Sex Pistols The Ramones (altho the song is very longish for them...RIP Joey) Johnny Cash Nirvana The Clash Jim does a great's his song and the studio version FAr ourranks the live stuff. Just some nostalgic sht...
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I don't get it, this is a one-link post to a jim carrol video? -- jessamyn

I f'd up the post...i don't know what i'm doing but u get the point.
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Even more nostalgic than you think -- it's from the eighties (and sounds downright seventies to me).
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well, that's one reason you never want to be introduced to jim carroll ... his friends die a lot
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Thats a great song. Drive By Truckers do a pretty good live version.
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i don't know what i'm doing but u get the point

no dood i rly don't
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I think it was the 90' I wrong? The band DOES look 80's I admit...
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Seconding Sailormom; the Truckers' version rocks my socks off.
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Getting dead and being a friend of Jim Carroll....could be worse.. I could die and be a freind of John Waters...that would suck gravy...
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good song but I can't help but laugh.

Every time he gets to "-by the very same bikers!!" I just lose it. As if it was going to be another group of random bikers!!

I'm sorry but one or two friends dying is tragedy. Forty is a Monty Python sketch.
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I remember hearing this song on WXRT in Chicago when it was originally released. My initial recollection was "very early 80's".

According to Amazon, "Catholic Boy", the album it appears on, was released in 1980. Early 80's indeed.

Its a great song.
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Forty is a Monty Python sketch
I'm fairly certain its a Wilde play:
To lose one friend may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose forty looks like carelessness.

released in 1980
Might as well call it the 70's.
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Not so good cover with actual things dying.
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Xurando, you know video games aren't real, right?
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Yep, it was the early 80s. Around the same time I remember watching Hart to Hart on tv and thinking, "Wow, I wouldn't mind having their life except that every single person they know suffers some weird suspicious death... so that's gotta suck. Note to self: never befriend Jennifer or Jonathan Hart."
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I like covers. Sometimes. I think Carroll does this one fine. Great song.
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That Drive-By Truckers version probably sounded a lot better than the recording lets on.

Remember The Basketball Diaries? That was when Leonardo Dicaprio still acted. Now he just sort of shows up.
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HifiParasol? When did Leonardo DiCaprio EVER act? What alternate reality are you from?
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A Jim Carroll post?! Yea!!

He is my favorite rock artist, ever. I know others have more talents in this area and that, but Jim touched a nerve with me. "City Drops Into the Night" is the song that grabbed me. We could be there, some of us have been there, we all know someone who has, we all know someone we don't want to go there, yet, there is redemption hinted, but so hard to attain. Whatever, Jim Carroll is an articulate soul with something to say to the human condition, not just the tortured inner city addicted kind, that and he had a kickin' band.

Yes, he is an accomplished writer, nominated for a Pulitzer. Too bad his site is down.
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What alternate reality are you from?

The one where Matt Damon got an Oscar nod for The Departed, and Leo and Marky Mark were laughed out of the Kodak Theater along with the entire creative team behind Crash. If only.

I dunno -- there was a time when Dicaprio actually had to get by on doing a halfway decent job, way before his teen heartthrob status was cemented. By the time Titanic rolled around, he had completely given up on doing anything but drawing a paycheck, but I thought his performances in BBD and Gilbert Grape were pretty good. His mentally-retarded act was certainly better than just about all his followers (Hanks, Penn, Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi, just about everyone in the world looking for an Oscar nomination who couldn't get into a Holocaust movie...)

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By the way, he wrote that song (People Who Died) in the 70's and it was released on album (Catholic Boy) in 1980. OK, I am showing my age here.
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Knock Knock

Who's there? -> GYOFB
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Getting dead and being a friend of Jim Carroll....could be worse.. I could die and be a freind of John Waters...that would suck gravy...

And you young'uns wonder why we hate the kids.

John Waters was a smartass queer kid who made smartass, campy films and is still one of the smartest asses out there.

Jim Carroll was the friend of a friend of an iconic photographer, and he chronicled his life as a hanger-on NYC hipster. "People who Died" is one of the worst songs in the history of rock music. Compiling a laundry list of fucked up people who couldn't make it to 20 without winning a Darwin Award != burning out, not fading away.
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caddis -thanks. I remember a friend of mine had a spoken word album by Jim Carroll that had some really funny stories. The one I remember was something about getting high with a hump-backed dwarf.
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i don't believe this would be a very good cover. carroll's authorship on the material as a teenage junkie growing up in new york is what gives it its strength and it would seem false if done by anyone but carroll.
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