What was this bottle for?
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Find an old bottle? I've found them at garage sales, buried in the garden, in basements and attics. I always thought it would be cool to know what they contained and how old they were. Now I can.
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Cool, my mom will love this!
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That was not snark, nor meant to sound as such.
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Thanks, this is actually really interesting, in a dusty sort of way.
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Semi-related (and loud) link.
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Awesome! There goes my Sunday.
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My sister will love this! Thanks.
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It was interesting, but the guy telling the story seems rather full of himself and how special he is. Oh you have an IQ and are a dropout? You like explaining special relativity to "normal people"? It came across as someone who thought they were smarter than everyone else and that if people like him (e.g., smart people) were to run things it would be totally different. That if you are smart you must be against our government. It kind of reminds me the phase a lot of go through during our teenage years but we realize the world is a lot more complex.

Sorry, but I found his diversions into philosophy and his family life grating. A good book on single-handed sailing is Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy which is pretty much the classic of this genre.
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That's a great site, with some awesome info. I'm a huge fan of historical bottles, but as an ex-archaeologist I have a love/hate relationship with them.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to ask everyone to please be careful with where you get bottles like these. I have personally had weeks of work ruined by unscrupulous people destroying excavations by raiding for bottles. Provenance + cool bottle > cool bottle by itself.
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Cool, my boss will love this!
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Thanks, just sent this to my Dad.
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I seem to remember learning somewhere that the different shapes of bottles in early days (17th-18th c.?) evolved because so few people back then could read. The stubby, wide-shouldered bottle contained this, the tall skinny one that, etc. But the bottle guy's page doesn't say anything about illiteracy per se, unless I skimmed too fast, though he does go into shaping itself. Maybe it's implied.

Also: Nifty link!
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Cool, my boss will love this!

Great, I just got fired!
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That is kinda fantastic. Sites like this are, I think, one of the reasons for the Internet to exist.
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