How does one mend a ripped bodice, anyway?
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Everyone knows about Fabio, but he's just one in a large stable of studs used as romance novel cover models. Ladies, meet 'Sicilian sweetheart' Anthony Catanzaro (warning: music), a paperback cover model and so, so much more. Of course, even he wouldn't be where he is today without the illustrators of those bodice-ripping covers.
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I went through a heavy-duty romance novel phase in my late teens and early 20s... I still sometimes re-read my old favorites... But I never really got the whole concept behind using real people as models for the covers. Wouldn't it be cheaper, production-wise, to just have the cover artists draw imaginary people? Besides, the people on the covers never look the way the characters do in my mind's-eye (my my mind can conjure up waaay sexier studs than Fabio, yeesh).
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I'm so glad you mentioned Fabio. I'm a huge fan of his rollercoaster accident - it's like the universe suddenly decided he was just too silly and needed a spanking. I mean...a bird, square in the nose - brilliant.
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hahaha this is the best post ever!!
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im serious, thank you.
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I'm gonna pretend dis post nevah happened. You get what I'm sayin pal?
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From this link:
Name the 3 most important aspects in your own personal life today and why?
TONY ~ I would have to say myself, Tina my wife, and our dog Tiny.

Tony, Tina, and Tiny. Nice.
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He's probably one of the least attractive people I've ever seen. Like a reject from an International Male catalog.
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OMG. Best. Intro. Ever. (Raunchy page loading graphic + awful Flash splash = comedy gold)
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*registers -*
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(i figure by the time i'm 36 the bloom may be off the rose a bit, but maybe i should go through 2027 just to be safe...)
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*registers -*

Hmm. By "46," I apparently meant "18,046." Whatever. My beauty is ageless.
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One day you will be old, Fabio. I will still love you, but not exclusively. You can make this easy or hard. It's your choice.
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Quite possibly the best post since the last UFO post or Holy Grail post. Thanks, chowflap.
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Everyone does not know about Fabio. I have never heard of him
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anthony catanzaro presents the turbo charger, which makes fitness easy!
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oh God. Why did I click on that? Lo, I am fouled by the gheyness.
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I love this quotation from his interview:

"I have a complex spirit and a simple brain."

And apparently he doesn't own any shirts.
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Heheh, I think the most amusing thing on that site is the picture on his page about New York that consists of him photo-shopped in front of...

...the New York New York casino in Las Vegas.
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I once heard someone refer to "bodice rippers" as "bosom rippers".

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funny but to me he looks like a better looking version of
character actor Peter Stormare-

" i am going to be real Russian hero and Pimp you kar...vee dub style"
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Thanks, everyone! This was my first real post. I've been a long-time lurker and (more recently) an infrequent commenter. But once I found Tony, I had to share him with the world.
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I still can't believe it's not butter. Must be soylent green or something...
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I think if I ripped a woman's bodice she'd get somewhat pissed, since those things can be extremely expensive.

And I always thought it was funny that the bookcovers of porn for women always had pictures guys that looked pretty much the same on them.
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