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The National Media Museum in Bradford is currently running an Autochrome exhibition to mark 100 years of colour photography. Similar to this, the Autochrome method of photography is both stunningly surreal and hauntingly reminiscent of pre-raphaelite art. Unfortunately, the art of making Autochrome plates seems to have been lost, but you can create your own using Photoshop.
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This photo is absolutely stunning. Thanks for the links, these are great!
posted by sarahsynonymous at 3:17 PM on June 23, 2007

Great stuff, thanks.

I believe those color photos from the first World War that make the rounds every now and again are autochromes.
posted by Western Infidels at 3:18 PM on June 23, 2007

Up thumbs. And thanks.
posted by IndigoJones at 4:22 PM on June 23, 2007

Thanks for the link. These are great!
posted by AtDuskGreg at 12:06 PM on June 24, 2007

Gives you those nice, bright colors... the greens of Summer...
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah.
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