Give you shelter? Go fish!
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That dream home isn't shaping up the way you'd hoped? Build one from scratch! You could start with a lovely thatched hut. Here's some more. Here's an African one. No vegetation up there where you live, above the Arctic Circle? You can build an igloo. For somewhat warmer areas, a yurt. No Asian import for you? There's the tipi. Need more space? A longhouse is just the thing. For more substance, a sod house. Even better - adobe. Have a look at these "Cave" houses. More ambitious? Build a castle. Whatever you put up, you'll probably need an outhouse. Unless you live on a boat.
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My uncle built a lighthouse on top of a hill in my hometown, near the highest point in the county. You can see Mount Airy from there! You just can't see the ocean.

Clearly, he's a bit eccentric. I, on the other hand, plan to build an underground home near the 100-year floodplain in my town, with an eye on turning it into a hidden catacomb that will crouch, hidden, for centuries after I pass on. This seems much more reasonable and practical.

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Wow, I love that cave house and I bet it stays really cool in the summer.

I always wanted a tree house, which is a good option for those who don't want to pay rent in NYC but live in Central Park.
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I hoped to build a house with prefabricated reinforced cast concrete pipe sections like this, put in flat "deck plating" a few feet off the floor, and have all the utilities underneath. Would need lots of ceiling access to make it livable though! :)
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I'm looking forward to retiring to my van. Down by the river.
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See also.
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There was once a thread on AskMefi about Scott Adams building the Ultimate House, but I can't find it for the life of me.
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You know, a castle has always seemed out of reach, but your links really made it come into perspective for me. If the freaking Normans did it, so can I...

Thanks, Kirth Gerson, you've revived an old life goal of mine!
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It's no decommissioned missile silo, or Bucky Fuller-inspired geodesic dome, or anything cool like that, but I'm helping a friend build one of these right now. Assorted pics here. It's fun, except the tendons in my left hand are completely screwed up from swinging a pickaxe last week.
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Neat post, with a lot of great ideas in it. Have you seen FUTURE HOUSE NOW? It's one of the few non-geek rss feeds I have, and I love it.
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Excellent collection of links, a dream post for my day off and fuel for my ambitions, thanks!
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Mud huts are surprisingly cool, and not at all as dirty as you'd expect. Of course, when sharing one with a brood of chickens, things can get a little hairy.

...don't ask.
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Life au naturel pour le pooch: A dirt insulated dog house that doubles as a planter.
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Or a bird's nest bed for that thatched hut.
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homunculus, That low impact woodland home is adorable! a beautiful, charming place. I want to live there!!!
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Me too! Though I'd settle for the Mushroom House.
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