Descramble DVD encryption in 7 lines of perl code
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Descramble DVD encryption in 7 lines of perl code...created by 2 MIT programmers. Will the MPAA threaten to sue you if you include it in your email signature? Yah for civil disobedience.
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Ok, who will be the first to offer this as a t-shirt over at CafePress?

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hmmm...looks like it could potentially be a single line of perl code...but that would be difficult to see wrapped around a coffee cup.
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Huh. Will you look at that. Somebody's selling a t-shirt.
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Hot damn.

Reminds me of my college radio days. There was an FCC rule that stuck out in my mind about DJ's not being allowed to incite people to riot.

I just incited someone to make a (possibly) illegal t-shirt.

Hope they don't pull my internet broadcasting license.
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a (possibly) illegal t-shirt.

The t-shirt (not to mention the mug and mouse pad) is arguably legal under current laws:
Unlike some other DVD-descramblers, qrpff doesn't include the necessary five-byte title key -- such as 153 2 8 105 225 -- which must be given to the program so it can perform the necessary decryption.
That, says Winstein, means qrpff doesn't violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which the movie studios used in a federal lawsuit against 2600. "Even if whatever is enjoined by that injunction in New York is a violation of the law, I think there's a reasonable case to be made that my seven lines of Perl isn't," Winstein says.

So your internet broadcasting license is safe for now.
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I dunno, iceberg273... I thought the MPAA's whole argument was that the algorithm itself was protected under the DMCA as a copyright protection device, not just the key data. It'll be interesting to see whether Valenti's dogs will go after this one. It may at least force them to clarify what, exactly, it is they're claiming is protected.
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So, does this have any chance of winning the Obfuscated Perl Contest, you think?
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No, becoz compared to the contest entries, it's not obfuscated at all. Plus, it's too long.
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Speaking of long and obfuscated, you could also get all the same instructions in haiku if you prefer.
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