Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare
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Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare is ‘the first research project of its kind anywhere in the world devoted to the systematic exploration and documentation of the ways in which Shakespeare has been adapted into a national, multicultural theatrical practice.’ It’s a really impressive collection of scholarly resources, great multimedia (including Wayne & Schuster’s Rinse the Blood off my Toga), the Romeo & Juliet Interactive Folio, Canadian Shakespeareans in Space, and ‘Speare: The Literacy Arcade Game.
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But, soft, eh? what light through yonder window breaks, eh?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun, eh?
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That which we call a hoser
By any other name would smell as sweet.
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Alas, poor Horatio. He had a wicked slapshot.
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Haha. I go to the University of Guelph, where this project is based, and the whole damn town has gone batshit for Shakespeare lately. Even the mall has a bunch of random posters and period costumes everywhere.

Also, `Speare? Kinda fun.
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One of my longtime favorites: Wayne and Shuster's Shakespearean Baseball Game (video (link at the bottom) and script (pdf)).
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Thanks for the link! Lots of interesting stuff to look at--and fun to find articles by my profs and directors in there.
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No Keanu? Bogus!

Rosencrantz! Guildenstern! My excellent friends!
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I've seen some very good Shakespeare at Stratford.
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God, I can quote every every line of those Wayne & Shuster sketches. My parents were very patient people.

Also, a . for William Hutt, who died last week.
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Also worth noting is the CBS production Slings and Arrows.

It's one of the finest pieces of television I've ever seen, with a flawless cast and writing. And the understanding and passion for Shakespeare is a joy.
It's worth it just for Paul Gross if nothing else, who is spectacular in it.

The final (alas) season just came out yesterday on DVD too, and features one of the most breathtaking portrayals of King Lear imaginable.
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Also, as mentioned there.
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opsin - Slings and Arrows is quite amazing. Sad to see William Hutt, said Lear, recently died, bringing his Slings character to mind.

Schlimmbesserung - as a Guelph alum in California, it's rare to see the town's name mentioned, either spoken or written. Funny to imagine Shakespearemania and the Trasheteria coexisting.
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