Roswell Redux
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We all know the UFO Festival is coming, but with it just a week away also comes fresh news of the crash itself. Walter Haut, the former PR man at Roswell Army Airfield, filled out an affidavit in 1993 detailing his experience with the crash. But nine years later Haut secretly filled out another, much more detailed, affidavit that was to be sealed until after his death. One with much heavier implications. Seeing as how this information was first released in book form, are we looking at a postmortem fame grab or a genuinely guilty conscience?
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postmortem fame grab = 1
genuinely guilty conscience = 0
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Same guy who ran the UFO museum? Right.
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I vote perverse sense of humor.
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Please do not link this back to that alien sex post somehow. Thank you.
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This has made me realize what a lie I've been living for 41 years. Paul is dead. I killed him.
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As someone on record as wanting to die with a fake treasure map leading to the middle of some sewers - I say post-mortem fame grab.
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well, first of all: has anyone (bothered to) definitively establish(ed) whether the affadavit itself is real or not?
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*coughProject Mogulcough*
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It is strange how his "memory" accords so well with every detail of the Roswell narrative as it emerged over 20 years since Berlitz' book and the others. Retcon memories?
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While I do believe it's a lie, if he had actually seen a UFO coverup he might well have gone on to be extremely interested in UFOs, and establish a museum or whatever.

By the way, I was really the one that shot Lincoln. He kept coughing through the whole play.
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The funny thing is that if there really was an alien spacecraft and the government finally admitted it, it would be sooooo anticlimactic.

The whole premise that the government would keep something like that secret because they're afraid people would panic? Doesn't wash. Not when people believe a million impossible things before breakfast.
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Oh, yeah, and the The Hunt for Red October? Total documentary, sold as fiction. Why else do you suppose SECNAV Lehman screamed at Tom Clancy, "Who the hell cleared this?"
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