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Augenblick Studios provide many strange and offensive animated cartoon video films including Superjail. You may be familiar with their work!!! [flash, mayhap quicktime]
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ty boo_radley
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Superjail reminds me of Itchy and Scratchy.
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I worked for a few months at an animation studio in Brooklyn that was in the same building as the Augenblick studio. I stopped by it a few times; it was very bizarre. The entire studio had Persian-style rugs and old Tiffany-style lamps around, with a tapestry or two over a file cabinet. And this was in one of those awful rent-a-concrete-bunker buildings up in DUMBO. It was like sliding open one of those meat locker doors and walking into a very low-rent TARDIS or something.

I knew of their work from Wonder Showzen and Shorties Watching Shorties. Superjail? Saw the pilot, hoping it'll be more than just violent bloodletting humor. The art style is like a coked-up version of Jen Sorensen's cartoons, especially the little assistant warden guy.
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the golden age cartoons are brilliant.
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its far more engaging and artistically pleasing than most if not all of the new adult swim material thats been on recently. unfortunately, its absolute hatred for humanity feels terribly juvenile and meaningless. perhaps if i watch it with the sound turned off i can enjoy it as pure eye candy.
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Superjail is so great. I can't wait for the series to come out. It was made by a guy named Christy Karacas. He also did Barfight (Quicktime or Youtube) and Space War (Youtube) .

Cazoo, I wasn't aware that remote zen monasteries got internet.
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