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it's more interesting to give drugs to spiders
posted by pyramid termite at 8:38 PM on July 3, 2007 [1 favorite]

That reminded me, for some reason, of the Fly Lamp by Swedish design group Front. (Heia Sverige!) It's made from a motion capture of a fly circling a light bulb. I don't know what you could make from this, though. Maybe funnel cake.
posted by L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg at 8:44 PM on July 3, 2007

damn you, pyramid termite!

* slips roofie into the termite's drink so as to get in first next time
posted by UbuRoivas at 8:52 PM on July 3, 2007

It's like that test where they gave the spiders acid, and their webs came out all weird, except with the crop-circle-builders.
posted by Devils Rancher at 8:52 PM on July 3, 2007
posted by Justinian at 9:00 PM on July 3, 2007

Week In Photos: Cocaine Derby, Opium in Flames, Tornado, More

Oh, really, what more could top that list?
posted by eriko at 9:04 PM on July 3, 2007

I have a strong urge to draw that shape without lifting my pen. Also, watching opium burn must be one a very popular thing to do.
posted by Orange Pamplemousse at 9:16 PM on July 3, 2007

It's a hell of a drug.
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I just clicked through to see if Stynxno had used the forthelulz tag again ;p

Btw, that field reminds me of this rug
posted by infini at 9:33 PM on July 3, 2007

They're also destroying marijuana fields in Afghanistan by incineration.

"A couple of brown plants on the edges of some of those (forests) did catch on fire. But a section of soldiers that was downwind from that had some ill effects and decided that was probably not the right course of action."

I think the commander misunderstood the soldiers talking about the "ill shit."
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He wasn't just a coke-head; he was a cereal killer.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 10:02 PM on July 3, 2007 [4 favorites]

ba dum TISH
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See? This reminds me of the point I've had all along.

IF aliens had a message to send of through the trampling of grasses, even encoded, it surely has to contain more information than can be contained in a few concentric circles with a slash coming out at a 45 degree angle with a smaller set of concentric rings.

Using Poaceae as a medium is wicked dumb (if I were to use it as a communication device, surely it would make more sense to alter it's phenotype rather than its orientation to the horizon).

You could sell me on this type (the photo in the post) of crop desecration holding more meaning (info, data, bits) than the season 6 of X-Files or Volume 3 of Wired magazine aesthetic anyday.
posted by sourwookie at 1:56 AM on July 4, 2007

here is a video of the event.
posted by DreamerFi at 2:50 AM on July 4, 2007

Cool photo - thanks.
posted by fish tick at 7:40 AM on July 4, 2007

Wow we've gone from single-link, video-based posts to single-image, CONTENT-DEVOID crapposts. CONGRATS! EVOLV'd! FAIL.

GYOB. Show us what Mefi should be. Let us know.

This post made me laugh. It made me think about the similarities that our sometimes remote-feeling cultures share. Then I marveled at the lamp and rug that some commenters linked to in this thread. Then I laughed again when I saw the video of the chase that was linked to further down.

I don't think that a simple post is bad by default; it's about what you make of it, I guess. Sometimes the discussion is what makes the post - sometimes you find more than you expect.
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Wow. See, it made more sense to drive through that field when I thought that it hid the car from view. But after seeing that video, he might as well have tried to hide by driving around a parking lot.
posted by CitrusFreak12 at 12:51 PM on July 4, 2007

Sweet! Photos like that are what the internet was made for.

Also youtube mockumentaries of spiders on drugs.
posted by Tehanu at 1:19 PM on July 4, 2007

Fuck yo' crops!
posted by phaedon at 2:58 PM on July 4, 2007 [1 favorite]

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