Iraq Movie Posters
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Iraq's Horror Movie Posters. According to Sky News, insurgent forces are taking up Worth1000 style criticism to hold up a mirror to citizens of the US and their Military-Entertainment complex.
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The movie-style images - always in English -include instructions on how to distribute such posters onto western websites.

Step 1: Email link to Sky News, who'll broadcast any old shit.
Step 2: See step 1.
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What a lazy form of protest...
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Also, the only modification made to the Fast Food Nation poster was the conversion of a 100% all-beef patty into an American flag. The tagline is true to the original. Quite an improvement, I'd say.
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The response from Something Awful will probably kill us all. Get your helmet on and lower the blast shield!
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About as funny as the The 1/2 Hour News Hour.
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The body copy with those posters is pure hyperbole drivel completely lacking in any research.

Referring to the Fast Food Nation poster, they write: "The tag line on this Islamic extremist version reads 'Do you want lies with that?'"

Hate to break it to them but that was the actual tagline for the shitass movie.
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Oh wait, I get it. The Insurgents are creating those posters... wow.

When you take in the totality of the soul-crushing events happening in Iraq and juxtapose them against this, it's almost sort of cute.
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I doubt it's actual Insurgents comming up with these posters, more likely bored sympathizers in other countries.
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delmoi: I point the finger at adbusters.
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After appearing to run out of war-related films, the 'brains' behind this internet campaign have turned to this Fast Food Nation poster.

Right, war related films like Scream and The Animal. They certainly dug deep to find posters for the most frighteningly bad movies.
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Did you say they have weapons of mass distruc... what you said ? Distraction ? Distruction ? I can't hear you !

CIA phone call to local Iraqui agent, circa 2001

Distraction , you said ? Oh my , Dick ! They have nucular devices !

G.W.Bush talking to CIA , circa 2001
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It looks like clever counter-intelligence to me – first they unload it on us here, domestically, and now it looks as though they're outsourcing it, for use on the occupying forces.
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It's already been mentioned above, but here's proof: the original Fast Food Nation poster, slogan intact.

Anyway, does anyone who's not a jingoistic imbecile believe that it's actually a bad thing to remind people that hey, folks are dying over there? Hell, this one is downright poignant.
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I told you that Hollywood's liberal bias would fuel the insurgency. Back to the free speech zones!
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BAGHDAD (Reuters) -- A new front has opened up in the War on Terror--and it may reach anywhere the Internet does. Insurgents from Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the Sunni Resistance and many other armed resistance groups have begun a savage assault on American troop morale using an unlikely weapon: Pictures of cats with amusing captions.

Pointing at an example image, which shows two cats fighting with the labels "Jihadi cat is agressive" and "Infidel cat is doomed", Sgt. Remf Gildbrick of the US Army Office of Overused Web Memes explains: "By juxtaposing the innocence of domestic pets with the 'humor' of intentionally misspelled terror threats, America's enemies seek to destroy the morale of our beloved forces for good. Our only hope now is to retaliate by distributing leaflets showing naked, degraded Abu Ghraib detainees with slogans like 'Surpriez! Buttsecks!'"

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As if the second Iraq war wasn't already playing out like some bloated summer blockbuster sequel... yeesh.
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Anatomy of a stupid quip!

Hey! I just thought of a stupid obvious quip! Oh geez... I bet it's like, the third comment... but what if it's not! Too the thread, man! [scan, read, scan, read] My god! It's not there. No one's thought of it! VICTORY IS MINE


Oh noes! All is lost! Fark has gone over to the insurgency!


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Huh. Insurgents use Photoshop. Crazy!
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I doubt it's actual Insurgents comming up with these posters, more likely bored sympathizers in other countries.

I might not even go that far - the vast propaganda network behind these posters could amount to a single bored person.

A couple of hours each day after work for a couple of weeks and you'd have quite the collection.
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I kind of like the breathless "OMG this propaganda campaign of photoshopped posters is being used to damage morale and intimidate the troops!" tone that sky news takes on this. Who knew that the equivalent of Something Awful fans are actually fighting on the front lines of the propaganda war?
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Well, it goes with the breathless FPP.
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Snyder: in that I held my nose while I posted this?
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well hey. isn't that clever! good for them.
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I have a profound disklike of the mainstream Hollywood that is used as the source for these crude exercises. However one can't help but think the only jihadi film culture that exists is snuff porn of journalists being beheaded, etc. And these are more grisly than creative in the Photoshop Phriday mould. But I guess its hard to find the time a they also need to fit in assembling that next truck bomb to have it ready for the market crowds...
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I'd say that the odds are at least even-money that these "posters" are the work of SkyNews staff themselves, as a sort of reverse-psychology attempt to enflame the pro-war crowd and get some churn in the news cycle.

I's SkyNews, fer chrissakes. This smells like something Murdoch's minions would pump out just for shits-n-giggles.
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Ambrosia Voyeur: Nah, it's that you described it as a lot more socially relevant than it is, imo.
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