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Banknote art by Justine Smith. Alternating currency: by Marshall Weber, portraits in money by Mark Wagner, a Ganesh out of Rupee notes by CK Wilde (a spectacular previously). Beautiful banknotes at the World Paper Money Image Gallery. Unusual coins. Unique banknotes, like the 100 Million Dinara note from Croatia. U.S. currency and the pictures behind the portraits. Mildenberg's Dream Collection of Greek Coins at the Money Museum.
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The history of money. The dark side: Money of the Wehrmacht. Drug money, Cocaine found on 99.9% of UK banknotes. Filthy lucre: Flu hitching a ride on banknotes.
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Wow. I never knew the allies printed notes before the occupation. It would have to be depressing for Germans to see that the new notes they were using were printed before their country even surrendered.
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Nickyskye! why am I not surprised that this wonderful post is from you?

Totally digging all the money artwork, especially the Justine Smith material... forwarding it on to all my money-art-loving friends, too.

Speaking of money art- I had this piece on display at the Origami USA convention exhibition last month in NYC. It's made from an uncut sheet of 32 $2 bills. Good times.

It's funny, because from my understanding it's perfectly legal to make artwork out of money- even if you're destroying it in the process. However, all I ever hear from people who see money art for the first time is: "Isn't that illegal?"

Just loving these links. keep the good stuff flowing!
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The cocaine link was kind of hilarious, but I really dug the link from the previous post about it, too.
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"But not everyone is so satisfied with the aesthetics of US currency. Long before Treasury unveiled its new $100 note, J.S.G. Boggs was offering his own variations. A darling of the artworld, Boggs has drawn the wrath of the Secret Service, because America's premier money artist not only makes his own cash; he also spends it."

J.S.G. BOGGS: "People often make this mistake. They say, "What differentiates money from art?" Well, money is art. I mean, there are other kinds of art, but money is art. It's pictures and pigment on paper. It's portraiture, it's landscape, it's abstract geometric. And it is the ultimate abstract art. It's a symbol for something else."

The above is from a short profile of Boggs in the 1996 episode of Nova, "Secrets of Making Money."

According to Wikipedia, "Any person who gets a Boggs note can usually sell it for much more than its face value: a $10 Boggs note may be worth more than $1000."
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Oh YAYYY, thanks for enjoying the post, even if it's kind of a splat as it is, not organised as it should have been. *sigh*. My apologies.

McLir, that quote is really what I would have liked to had as this post's agenda. "money is art. It's pictures and pigment on paper. It's portraiture, it's landscape, it's abstract geometric. And it is the ultimate abstract art. It's a symbol for something else"

timsteil, J. S. G. Boggs set up street vending next to me one day next to the Museum of Modern Art, way back in the late 1980's. His work is astonishing and I really enjoy his rebel/innovative attitude.

Eric, love your tesselated looking sheet of bucks. That's so interesting people commenting about making art out of money, as if it were a desecration like flag burning or something.

DenOfSizer, thanks for singling out that link in peacay's previous post with CK Wilde's incredibly beautiful currency collages.
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Oh YAYYY, jessamyn and/or cortex fixed my post as it should have been, thank you so much! I love you guys.
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I'm new here as of Monday, so, nickyskye, thank for your graciousness. Very welcoming.
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Speaking as an Aussie, I'm certainly glad these were never circulated.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be speaking as an Aussie.
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Dream Dollars from lost colony of Antarctica.
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This is a terrific post for me. I really am enjoying it and am looking forward to exploring it further when I have more time - thank you!
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As per EricGjerde, here are some variations and instructions on money origami.
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I was going to mention the astounding lack of Boggs, but it seems that timsteil has beat me to it.

Funny story: when I was young, my mom's boyfriend (now my stepdad, and mildly prominent in the art world of the southeast) took us to his friend's house. The guy went by Boggs, and I took a ride on a motorcycle with him. I was aware he made art, and that the secret service was hassling him. After hearing a number of references to Boggs the family friend and Boggs the infamous JSG Boggs, it took me until about 3 years ago the realize they were one and the same. All very strange.

I was mooned by him once, at a party, when he was roaring drunk. Quite the character, that Boggs.
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The Esteemed Doctor Bunsen Honeydew, fun anecdote.

astounding lack of Boggs.

Guess my post's agenda is money/banknotes used to make art, plus looking at the art/history side of already existing money. Not so much creating art that looks like money, which is what Boggs does. But I'm glad timsteil and McLir included him as part of the money< --->art concept.

Say hey McLir, welcome!
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Awesome post, nickyskye!
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Boggs used St Pete FL as a home base a few years back. I had the pleasure of hanging with him on more than one occasion. Although amazingly talented he always reminded me of the John Lovitz skit on SNL where he played Picasso trading his instant art on a napkin in a bar. "Because I'm PICASSO! that's why!" He also reminded me a bit of P.T. Barnum more so as a showman but every now and then the sucker part too. He certainly had a flair for the dramatic.
I know that his life has taken a turn for the worse recently but I like to remember him like this.....
He was one of many guests at a surprise birthday party that a good friend threw for me on my 40th birthday. As an avid supporter/collector of the arts I am more comfortable hiding out in the wings and letting more, shall we say, vibrant folks be the center of attention. Boggs would have none of that as he proceeded to draw a giant $40 dollar bill on my forearm with a black sharpie in front of about 30 party goers. It was easily the best present I received that year, besides the party itself.
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Enjoyed your anecdote HappyHippo and particularly tickled since it's the longest -and juiciest- of your 3 comments here in MetaFilter.

From what you said it sounds like he has some Compensatory Nish thing going on.
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